Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A to Z: Quadrangle

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Available to: Magic-users
Level: 7
Duration: Special
Range: Touch

This spell allows the caster and three companions to define the four corners of a dynamic area of effect for a subsequently cast spell. The four people who are to form the quadrangle must be within touch range of each other when this spell is cast. Immediately following the casting of quadrangle the magic-user must cast an area affecting spell of 4th or lower level. The area of effect of this second spell is modified so that it is bounded by the imaginary lines connecting the four characters making up the corners of the quadrangle. If the corners of the quadrangle move, so the area of the spell's effect changes. The affected spell's duration remains as normal.


  1. Thanks Matt, yeah I wanted to get some kind of "meta-magic" type stuff in my A to Z :)


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