Sunday 21 February 2016

Wormskin Issue 2!

The goatlord Malbleat with human thrall, by Nico Maioli

I am pleased to announce that I just put the finishing touches to the content of issue two of Wormskin. This issue goes into particular detail about the region around the village of Lankshorn, on the southern border of the forest -- a great place to start adventuring in Dolmenwood!

The contents of issue two are:
  • An article on psychedelic compounds available in Dolmenwood, including a d30 generator table.
  • A d30 generator for common tavern fare. Fermented snails with whipped cream, anyone?
  • An introduction to the High Wold and the special relationship between humans and goatmen in the region.
  • Descriptions of the six hexes around the village of Lankshorn: the Trothstone, the manse of Lord Malbleat, the king's mounds, the Ditchway, King Pusskin's road, and Lankston pool.
  • Details about the village of Lankshorn, including the Hornstoat's Rest inn, the church of St Pastery, the Man of Gold Apothecary, the fairy-blooded bladesmith, the lord's manor, and the standing stones behind the village.
  • A rumour table for the Lankshorn region.
  • Nine new monsters which lurk in the High Wold: addercorn thralls, barrowbogeys, bog zombies, Woldish goatmen (longhorn), Woldish goatmen (shorthorn), nightworms, tanterwallops, and witch-owls.
 Coming to RPGNow in PDF and print when the night and day are equalled.

Saturday 20 February 2016

Hoard Class / Treasure Type Analysis

As part of the process of writing new monsters for the second issue of Wormskin (due out in March), I found myself in need of a decent overview of the various hoard classes and what they represent.

Some links on the topic:
  1. A comparison of the treasure types in 0e, AD&D, and B/X:
  2. An analysis of the types of monsters that have each treasure type:
  3. The equivalences between B/X treasure types and LL hoard classes:
  4. The average value of LL hoard classes:

I combined all of the information pertaining to LL& B/X in a document for my own reference. I've uploaded it here for anyone else who's interested.