Saturday 28 September 2013

The Complete Vivimancer: Sneak Peek Spell List

At long, long last, I think I can say that the spells in The Complete Vivimancer are, well, complete!

As a small celebratory gesture, here's the list in its fullness. For details of what all these spells actually do, you will of course have to hold out until the book is published. Such is life.

(No idea how to make a nice column layout for this in a blog post, so you'll just have to make do with an inconveniently long list.)

1st level
1. Bind familiar
2. Blood rupture
3. Bonewarp
4. Creeping homunculus
5. Detect poison
6. Echo location
7. Edibility (reversible)
8. Elasticity
9. Entangle
10. Flesh pocket
11. Flesh shape
12. Hormone control
13. Hyperolfaction
14. Jump
15. Meld flesh
16. Muscle control
17. Mutate breed
18. Natural weaponry
19. Ooze
20. Pheromone surge
21. Read magic
22. Reptilian metabolism
23. Scentlessness
24. Skein
25. Skin transformation
26. Sleep
27. Speak with animals
28. Spider climb
29. Spore cloud
30. Vitality surge

2nd level
1. Accelerated healing
2. Accelerated immune system
3. Accelerated metabolism
4. Adapt appendage
5. Arcane sight
6. Clone plant or animal
7. Decay (reversible)
8. Drone
9. Enlarge breed (reversible)
10. Face absorption
11. Fungal growth
12. Infravision
13. Insect messenger
14. Instinct
15. Leeching touch
16. Life energy protection
17. Nauseating stench
18. Neural surge (reversible)
19. Pair bonding
20. Polyvorousness
21. Psionic surge
22. Spider skein
23. Staunch blood flow
24. Symbiotic familiar
25. Transparency
26. Venom
27. Water breathing
28. Warp wood
29. Web
30. Web walk

3rd level
1. Absorb equipment
2. Accelerated reproduction
3. Anthropomorphism (reversible)
4. Appendage growth
5. Cannibalize
6. Cannibal rage
7. Carapace
8. Divide body
9. Feign death
10. Fly
11. Gelatinous transformation
12. Genetic location
13. Hibernate
14. Insect swarm
15. Leech blast
16. Mutagen
17. Natural weaponry, improved
18. Neural encoding
19. Neutralize poison
20. Overgrow (reversible)
21. Paralysis
22. Repel vermin
23. Revert biology
24. Spying homunculus
25. Synaptic trigger
26. Vats of creation

4th level
1. Animate vegetation or fungus
2. Chimera I
3. Clone monster
4. Detach (reversible)
5. Fungal zombie
6. Hive mind
7. Hive sight
8. Immunity to disease
9. Insanity
10. Mind slave
11. Plant metabolism
12. Plant symbiosis
13. Polymorph others
14. Polymorph self
15. Slime blast
16. Speak with plants and fungus
17. Spore blast
18. Swarm transformation
19. Wall of ooze
20. Weltmark

5th level
1. Animal growth
2. Anti-plant shell
3. Devolution
4. Divide mind
5. Immunity to poison
6. Nature's secrets
7. Psionic awakening
8. Regeneration
9. Transfer pregnancy
10. Vats of regeneration
11. Venomous blood
12. Wall of thorns

6th level
1. Anti-animal shell
2. Charm plants and fungus
3. Chimera II
4. Flesh blast
5. Impregnate
6. Life cycle
7. Organ transference
8. Repel wood
9. Synaptic reprogramming
10. Transformative pupation
11. Vats of reincarnation
12. Virus

7th level
1. Genetic memory
2. Genetic spell encoding
3. Infestation
4. Instant adaptation
5. Mind mask
6. Parasitic implantation
7. Regeneration, greater
8. Replicate life-form
9. Spark of life
10. Vats of creation, greater
11. Wall of claws
12. Xenogamy

8th level
1. Chimera III
2. Clone
3. Explosive growth
4. Genetic conduit
5. Genetic resequencing
6. Mass devolution
7. Neural absorption
8. Organ transference, greater
9. Regenerative pupation
10. Shape change
11. Stabilize mutation
12. Survival of the fittest

9th level
1. Artificial intelligence
2. Cannibal holocaust
3. Clone self
4. Creeping doom
5. Dispersed mind
6. Extraordinary regeneration
7. Extinction
8. Genesis
9. Immortality
10. Mutagenic zone
11. Progeny
12. Temporal stasis

I do actually have a few more spells which I'd like to fit in there to fill out the third level list to a round 30 as well, but I'm getting excruciatingly close to the 88 page limit which I have set myself (which also happens to be the maximum number of pages in a lulu A5 saddle-stitched book), so thought it better to hold off for now until the magic items section is finished and I know if I've got any space to play with!

ps. The eagle-eyed vivimancer fanatic may notice that some spells have been renamed, moved, even removed when compared to the spell list in Theorems & Thaumaturgy. You are correct. I've taken this as an opportunity, with hindsight, to tweak a few bits and pieces in the spells.

Saturday 21 September 2013

Looking for Conceptual Proofreaders!

As I mentioned in my previous post, my new book The Complete Vivimancer is nearing completion. Before launching into the layout / publishing stage though, I'd like to get some other eyes over it, to check its integrity. Now, at this point I'm mainly talking about D&D stuff:
  • Spells too high / low level?
  • Under / over powered?
  • Mechanical oversights?
  • "What about if someone tried this?"
That sort of thing. Of course if any grammar errors are spotted along the way that's cool, but that's not the main thrust of what I'm thinking here. I just want to get some other D&D players to look at it and see if it all makes sense and seems consistent.

If anyone's interested in helping out in this way, I can offer the following:
  1. Your name in the credits.
  2. A free copy of the final PDF.
Contact me via any means possible! I would suggest a comment on this post, a message on google+ or an email (see sidebar).

Sunday 8 September 2013

Announcement: The Complete Vivimancer

As observant readers of this blog may have noticed, I've had something vivimantic brewing. The process of genetic resequencing is far enough along now that I'm ready to announce what I've been up to.

The Complete Vivimancer
  • The ultimate guide* to magic of mutation, flesh warping, neural manipulation and genetic meddling.
  • Includes all vivimancer spells from Theorems & Thaumaturgy, plus about 70 entirely new vivimancer spells, including laboratory procedures for breeding, mutating and cloning life-forms.
  • All vivimancer spells from the Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companion reproduced, for convenient all-in-one reference.
  • Guidelines for setting up a laboratory and running experiments.
  • A multitude of new vivimantic magic items.
  • A5/digest size, for use at the table.
  • Fully illustrated.
  • 100% Open Gaming Content.

Coming late 2013! (PDF & print-on-demand)

* perhaps more accurately, my ultimate guide ;)