Monday, 4 April 2011

A to Z: Chalice of Asmodeus

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Chalice of Asmodeus
Available to: Magic-users (diabolists), Clerics
Level: 5
Duration: 1 day
Range: Touch

This spell is known to evil clerics and to diabolist magic-users, and is used in a variety of rituals in honour of Asmodeus, the arch-fiend (AD&D Monster Manual).

First a suitable chalice must be acquired. It can be of any form or construction, but should have a total value of over 1,000gp, and must be blessed by a cleric devoted to Asmodeus. The chalice must then be filled with human blood, and this spell cast upon it. Once cast, the blood in the chalice is enchanted for the duration of the spell, and can have one of a number of effects on a being who drinks it.

Any character of good alignment drinking the blood from the chalice will be affected by a poison, causing 4d6 points of damage if they fail a saving throw, and 1d6 damage if the save succeeds. Any character of chaotic alignment drinking the blood will be affected by sleep. These two effects are combined for chaotic good creatures who drink the blood from the chalice.

When the blood is drunk by a character of any other alignment, they are affected by a powerful charm, causing them to implicitly trust all followers of the arch-fiend, including devils and imps. The charm effect lasts for the duration of the spell. Victims are typically coerced into making a pact with a summoned devil while under the influence of the charm, and will thenceforth have great difficulty breaking free of the control of their diabolic masters, even after the charm wears off.

The chalice is not consumed during the casting of this spell, and may be reused. After the first use it radiates evil magic.

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