Saturday, 16 April 2011

A to Z: No way

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No Way
Available to: Illusionists
Level: 8
Duration: See below
Range: See below

This powerful illusion takes two forms, one a permanent protection for the caster's home or other secret location, and one a short-lived impediment to pursuit.

The permanent version of the spell requires a whole day to cast, during which the illusionist must wander through the area to be affected (up to a mile radius), weaving it with magic. While casting the spell, the illusionist must sprinkle a specially prepared dust made from the ashes of a powerful illusion-using monster and ground black pearls worth at least 2,000gp. Once the spell is complete the affected terrain takes on a shifting, maze-like appearance -- trees and bushes may seem to grow into bewildering twisting pathways, rock ridges may form a maze, or boggy ground may form an unnavigable series of paths. The maze created is purely illusionary, but its effects are so powerful that it becomes virtually impossible to navigate for anyone except the caster and those whom he chooses to grant access to. It is only possible for characters to find a way through the maze with long study and perseverance, requiring 1d4 days of wandering per point of INT below 20.

The short-lived version of this spell creates a similar maze, but affecting an area of up to 10' radius per level of the caster, and having a duration of one hour. During this time, any creatures entering the affected area become lost in the maze for a period dependent upon their INT (as per the maze spell).

The maze created by this spell is not affected by dispel magic; the only sure way to dispel it is with a wish.

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