Monday, 11 April 2011

A to Z: Intone

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Available to: Magic-users
Level: 3
Duration: 1 hour per level
Range: 0

This spell effectively allows the caster to memorize extra spells which must be cast within the specified duration. Immediately following the casting of intone, the magic-user must be ready to memorize additional spells -- up to 5 levels of spells in any combination.

The additional spells are not, in fact, memorized -- the patterns of magical energy which are normally stored in the magic-user's mind are instead manifested as an aura of droning sounds which accompany the caster. It is thus easily possible to identify the caster as a magic-user, and other magic-users hearing the droning sounds surrounding the caster have a 10% chance per level of being able to identify which spells are encoded therein. The sound of the intoned spells also makes stealth rather difficult.

If the intoned spells are not cast within the duration, they fade away and are lost. They are also susceptible to disruption by the cleric spell silence, 15' radius.

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  1. Intone seems like it could be a rather powerful spell if used properly. I'm actually a writer coming in from the A-Z Challenge, so I might not be adequately prepared to make such a base assumption. It's a pleasure to meet you, though!


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