Saturday, 9 April 2011

A to Z: Gelatinous transformation

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Gelatinous Transformation
Available to: Magic-users
Level: 6
Duration: 2 rounds per level
Range: 60'

This spell causes a single object or creature to undergo a complete transformation into a gelatinous state, similar to an ooze or pudding. Creatures in this state cannot attack or cast spells, though they may be able to use psionic or mental abilities. They are able to move 20' per round, and can easily travel up walls, along ceilings, and through small holes and gaps. Gelatinous creatures are invulnerable to normal attacks, and can only be harmed by magic or fire.

An unwillingly targeted creature is allowed a saving throw versus polymorph to resist the spell's effects.

An object affected by this spell is transformed into an animate ooze controlled by the caster.


  1. Nasty stuff. :-)

  2. Nice way to smuggle an assassin into fortress--pour them into a keg of beer and send it on in...

  3. Haha, yeah cool idea! I think it's one of those nice spells that could have a lot of creative uses.


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