Monday 26 December 2016

Start of 2017: Projects in the Works

As is traditional, I thought I'd write a short post mentioning the various RPG-related projects that I have in the works for the coming year:

  • I've finally started a proper campaign set in Dolmenwood! Previously, I've just run odd one-shots and side-adventures in the forest, but my latest campaign is set firmly within the its bounds. I'm running Barrowmaze, which I've situated in the middle of Dolmenwood, as the "tent-pole" for the campaign, but plan on introducing various other side-quests and complications to involve the players in the wider wood.
  • I'm play-testing the first in the Dolmenwood Adventures line -- a 5th level adventure code-named "Wormwood Falls", written by myself and Greg Gorgonmilk. We've had one session so far which was a lot of fun. The adventure features a lot of very weird, psychedelic stuff and I was happy to see that it played out really well, in practice. The second session is in a few weeks. The adventure is going to be illustrated by Andrew Walter and should be out in early spring. Full colour, A5, around 50 pages, maybe hardcover and softcover options.
  • Following on from that, the second Dolmenwood Adventures module is beginning to coalesce. Tentatively, it will be a 1st level adventure written by myself and Yves Geens and may involve fairies. Publication date unknown.
  • Continuing the Dolmenwood theme (clearly, much of my gaming life is dominated by the setting now!), issue five of Wormskin is nearing completion for a tentative February release. This issue reveals much about the Drune, who have remained stubbornly mysterious until now.
  • I also plan to publish a short "Welcome to Dolmenwood" guide, containing a brief introduction to the setting, a gazeteer, and descriptions of some of the main factions. This will act as a great starting point for anyone interested in Dolmenwood. Should be out in Jan/Feb. Probably a free download.
  • Onto other things... My Complete Illusionist project is coming along nicely. I have a few dozen spells to write up still and am awaiting some contributions from other people, but it's looking like a 2017 release of the book is pretty feasible. Illustrators as yet undetermined.
  • Another small project which I have on the go is a series of print-at-home booklets to speed the creation of wizardly PCs. The first booklet in the series is quite far along, so more info on that coming soon.
  • Last but not least, I have the long overdue B/X Warrior. Honestly, I go back and forth on the concept a bit -- the mechanical aspects don't fit quite as naturally as they did with the thief/rogue archetype. However, the book is 95% written, so I just need to put the finishing touches to it and it will be done.

Sunday 11 December 2016

The Complete Illusionist: Work-in-Progress Spell List

Work on my next big project, The Complete Illusionist (which popped out of nowhere, quite unexpectedly), has been progressing rather well. I'm still in the stage of collating a lot of ideas for spells of different levels and trying to build up the spell lists. Adding to the base illusionist class in the Labyrinth Lord AEC, I've been doing OGL write-ups of the illusionist spells from AD&D Unearthed Arcana. I also have quite a number of interesting submissions from other people now, following my recent call out. All in all, it's looking like I should have a very nicely rounded out spell list in the final book.

Just out of interest, here are the lists so far. These only include spells which I actually have a full write-up of. I have lots more to write up and put in place. I also need to read through many of the submissions still and decide which fit.

1st level

  1. Auditory Illusion
  2. Color Spray
  3. Dancing Lights
  4. Darkness Globe
  5. Detect Illusion
  6. Detect Invisibility
  7. Doppelganger
  8. Hypnotism
  9. Light
  10. Phantasmal Force
  11. Refraction
  12. Wall of Vapor
  13. Glamour
  14. Invisibility, Lesser
  15. Lost and Found
  16. Script Codex
  17. Spook
  18. Discernment of Pyschic Location
  19. Evoke Nightmare
  20. Semblance of Wakefulness
  21. Sweet Dreams
  22. Wizard Mark
  23. Faerie Fire
  24. Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter
  25. Brilliant Pattern
  26. False Script
  27. Phantom Armour
  28. Silent Image
  29. Chromatic Orb
  30. Hush

2nd level

  1. Blindness
  2. Blur
  3. Deafness
  4. Detect Magic
  5. Fog Cloud
  6. Hypnotic Pattern
  7. Invisibility
  8. Magic Mouth
  9. Mirror Image
  10. Misdirection
  11. Phantasmal Force, Greater
  12. Ventriloquism
  13. Sound Codex
  14. Light Codex
  15. Somnambulism
  16. Vapours of Dream
  17. Imaginary Companion
  18. Whisper Thief
  19. Whispering Wind
  20. Darkvision
  21. Pyrotechnics
  22. Fool's gold 
  23. Fascinate
  24. Amnesia

3rd level

  1. Continual Light (reversible)
  2. Dispel Phantasm
  3. Fear
  4. Hallucinatory Terrain
  5. Illusory Script
  6. Invisibility 10' Radius
  7. Nondetection
  8. Paralyze
  9. Rope Trick
  10. Spectral Force
  11. Suggestion
  12. Full Codex
  13. Energy Reflection
  14. Dreamspell
  15. Black Light
  16. Semblance of Life
  17. Phantom Steed
  18. Doppelganger, Improved
  19. Wraithform
  20. Enthrall
  21. Lost
  22. Deadly Darkness

4th level

  1. Confusion
  2. Illusory Stamina
  3. Implant Emotion
  4. Invisibility, Greater
  5. Massmorph
  6. Minor Creation
  7. Phantasmal Killer
  8. Phantasmal Monsters
  9. Solid Fog
  10. Looking Glass
  11. Shared Dream
  12. Masque
  13. Illicit Dream Projection
  14. Lonely Road
  15. Menioth's Instant Light

5th level

  1. Confusion, Greater
  2. Major Creation
  3. Maze
  4. Phantasmal Door
  5. Phantasmal Monsters, Greater
  6. Project Image
  7. Shadow Evocation
  8. Summon Shadow
  9. Time Flow
  10. Hyperreal Awakening
  11. Many Worlds, Many Lives
  12. Phantom Summons
  13. Overlook
  14. Shadow Servitor
  15. Phantom Palanquin

6th level

  1. Conjure Animals
  2. Phantasmal Monsters, Advanced
  3. Shadow Evocation, Greater
  4. Spectral Force, Permanent
  5. Spectral Force, Programmed
  6. Suggestion, Mass
  7. True Seeing
  8. Veil
  9. Through the Looking Glass
  10. Curse of Sleeplessness
  11. Psychic Cache
  12. Persistent Dream

7th level

  1. Astral Spell
  2. Limited Wish
  3. Prismatic Spray
  4. Prismatic Wall
  5. Vision
  6. Phantasm of Forgetting
  7. Dreaming
  8. Spell Reflection
  9. Unreal 
  10. Phantasmal Resurrection
  11. Duo-Dimension
  12. Animated Artwork
  13. Simulacrum
  14. Doppelganger, Greater

8th level

  1. Prismatic Sphere
  2. Memorium
  3. Figment
  4. Illusory Abode
  5. Pathless Land
  6. Mirror Image, Advanced
  7. Prismatic Beam
  8. Black Clouds

9th level

  1. Alter Reality
  2. Dream Travel
  3. Weird
  4. Mists of Madness
  5. Upper Hand
  6. Viral Phantasm
  7. Doppelganger, True

Wednesday 7 December 2016

Updated Illusionist Spell: Chromatic Orb

This spell was featured in the expanded illusionist spell list in AD&D Unearthed Arcana. I like the effects, but it's always struck me as weirdly balanced: almost useless at low levels and very powerful at high levels. This isn't a feature I'm fond of, so, as part of the work on my Complete Illusionist, I decided to try to come up with a version more to my taste. Here you go:

Chromatic Orb

Level: 1
Duration: Instant
Range: 60’
Cost: 25gp - 1,000gp (gem of appropriate colour)
This spell harnesses and amplifies the pure hue and intrinsic properties of a gemstone, which must be in the illusionist’s possession. Light is conjured in the heart of the stone, refracted, and amplified, conjuring an orb of pure colour in the illusionist’s hand. The orb may be hurled at an opponent within range, requiring a normal attack roll, with a +2 bonus. If the orb misses, it dissolves without effect. Otherwise, the orb inflicts damage on the target and another effect depending on its colour. The illusionist may conjure an orb of one of the following colours, depending on his experience level:

Gem Value
1st or greater
2nd or greater
3rd or greater
4th or greater
5th or greater
6th or greater
7th or greater
10th or greater
12th or greater

The gemstone must be of at least the value listed and must be of an appropriate hue. It is consumed by the spell.

Chromatic orb effects:

  • Light: Light in a 60’ radius for one round per caster level.
  • Heat: If the target fails a save versus spells, they suffer -1 to attacks and AC for one round. The heat of the ruby orb may also be used to melt ice -- up a cubic yard.
  • Fire: All flammable objects within 2’ of the target are set alight. If the target fails a save versus spells, flammable objects (e.g. clothing, hair, etc) on its person are also set alight. This inflicts 1d3 damage for three rounds, unless the target spends a round extinguishing the flames.
  • Blindness: The target is blinded for 1d4+4 rounds, unless it makes a saving throw versus spells.
  • Stench: A 5’ radius cloud of stinking vapours erupts around the target. Any within the cloud (including the target) must save versus poison or be overcome with nausea -- unable to act except to move at half movement rate. Once leaving the cloud, the nausea subsides after 1d4 rounds. The cloud is permanent but usually disperses after one turn.
  • Magnetism: The electrical energy of the orb strongly magnetizes any metal objects on the target (e.g. armour, weapons) unless a save versus spells is made. The magnetic charge lasts for 3d4 rounds and causes metal objects to stick together, typically making attacking impossible and causing a -2 penalty to AC.
  • Paralysis: Unless a save versus paralysis is made, the target is paralysed for 5d4 rounds.
  • Petrification: The target must save versus petrification. Failure means that it turns permanently to stone. Success means that the target is slowed for 2d4 rounds -- only able to move at half the normal rate and attack or cast spells every other round.
  • Death: The target must save versus death. Failure means that it dies instantly. Success means that it is paralysed for 1d4 rounds.

Tuesday 29 November 2016

New Vivimancer Spell: Divide Ancestry

Want to rid yourself or your friend of that embarrassing goblin heritage? Not averse to murder? Then try this vivimantic procedure!

Divide Ancestry
Level: 4
Range: Touch
Duration: Instant
Casting Time: 1 day
Cost: 150gp (drugs)

Cast upon a creature of half-race (e.g. a half-elf, half-goat, half-goblin, etc), this unusual procedure causes the subject's body to split permanently into two halves: one pure-blooded being of each parent race. The resulting beings are fully independent and begin their divided existence with identical memories and mental faculties, though the former diverge immediately -- there is no telepathic bond between them. Any talents related to one side of the ancestry are possessed only by the corresponding being.

During the procedure, the subject must be kept under the influence of deeply soporific drugs to the value of 150gp.

Friday 25 November 2016

Wormskin Sale! / Issue Four PDF

For anyone who has heard rumours about Dolmenwood -- the weird fairytale woodland setting spawned from the brains of myself and Greg Gorgonmilk -- now is a great time to get into it.

The first three issues of the Dolmenwood zine, Wormskin, are on sale. A mere $1.99 for the PDFs and $4.99 for the print + PDF combos. A steal.

Also: issue four is just out! (PDF only for now. Print edition coming in a few weeks.)

Tuesday 22 November 2016

The Complete Illusionist? (Plus New Spell: Unreal)

Since I started collating the illusionist spells that I've developed over the last few years and discovered that they number "quite a few", I've not been able to stop thinking about doing a proper Complete Illusionist book. I've looked at the spell lists and it looks like I actually only need a couple of dozen spells more in order to reach a nice number of spells per level. (I'm looking at 30, 24, 24, 18, 18, 18, 12, 8, 8 -- from 1st to 9th level.) Seems eminently doable! So, two things:

Firstly, call for contributors! If you have some new illusionist spells written up, send them my way! (Either to the email address in the sidebar of the blog or in g+.) I'm especially looking for spells of level 3 or above, up to ninth level.

If I include a contributed spell in the book, you'll be credited and I'll send you a free copy of the PDF. If someone sends me loads of spells that I'm into and I include four or more in the book, I'll also send you a print copy.

Get those illusionist thinking caps on! (Fez's I suppose.)

Secondly, here's a new spell:

Level: 8
Duration: Permanent or 1 turn per level
Range: 60’

Rather than creating an illusion of a something real, this spell creates an illusion from something real. A non-living, non-magical object of up to 10’ cube in size or a single creature may be affected. A creature may save versus spells to resist.

If the spell successfully takes effect, the target ceases to be real, becoming an illusion of itself. It may be seen, heard, smelt, etc, but is completely intangible. For example, a solid section of wall made unreal may be passed through, though it appears solid; a person made unreal continues to act freely, but cannot physically interact with anything.

Objects targeted by this spell become permanently illusionary. Targeted creatures return to their normal state after one turn per level of the caster.

Sunday 20 November 2016

New Illusionist Spell: Imaginary Companion

This spell popped into my head just after waking this morning. Illusionists have been on my mind a bit, recently, as I recently started collating all of the expanded illusionist material which I have -- some from the original Theorems & Thaumaturgy and some as-yet unpublished spells -- and discovered that I have a total of 48 new illusionist spells. I've always wanted to do a proper expanded illusionist class, so this might be the catalyst.

Imaginary Companion

Level: 2
Duration: Permanent
Range: 0
Casting Time: 8 hours
Cost: 100gp

Inhaling the smoke of a mixture of rare, psychoactive herbs (cost 100gp), the illusionist falls into a deep sleep lasting for 8 hours. During this slumber, the illusionist’s spirit wanders in distant regions of dream where denizens of the Dreamlands may be contacted. The illusionist experiences a dream of great vividity and significance, wherein he encounters a kindred spirit in the dream world and enters into a soul-binding pact with it. Upon waking, the presence of the dream spirit remains with the illusionist at all times. The illusionist can see and speak with the dream spirit as if it were physically present. The entity cannot, however, normally be perceived by others. Thus, depending on how openly the illusionist interacts with the dream spirit, others may be led to question his sanity.

Despite being normally imperceptible to others, the imaginary companion is, in fact, semi-real and should be treated as an NPC companion of the illusionist, present wherever he goes. It is able to interact with the physical world as follows:
  • The imaginary companion may freely interact with inanimate objects, having the force to carry up to 20lbs or drag up to 40lbs (equivalent to a STR rating of 3). Any who witness the companion interacting with objects may save versus spells. Failure indicates that the companion becomes faintly visible.
  • If directed to interact with a living creature, the target may save versus spells. If the save succeeds, the imaginary companion is not able to interact with the target. If the save fails, the target becomes faintly aware of the dream spirit and two-way interaction is possible.
  • Creatures which can see invisible and the like are always aware of an imaginary companion, though may save, as above, to prevent it from interacting with them.
  • The companion has an Armour Class of 7, 2d4 hit points, and an attack doing 1d3 damage. It may be damaged by non-living forces (fire, cold, crushing, etc) and by any living creature who is aware of it (see above).
  • It has a movement rate of 90’ (30’), either walking or flying up to 10’ above the ground. The companion may not move more than 90’ away from the illusionist. If forced to do so, it suffers 1d4 damage and disappears entirely, reappearing only after the illusionist gets a night’s sleep.

The nature of the soul-connection between the illusionist and the imaginary companion is such that the illusionist’s hit point maximum is increased by the number of hit points the companion has. However, if the companion dies, the illusionist instantly and permanently loses these additional hit points.

Many types of dream spirit may be summoned by this spell to become the illusionist’s imaginary companion. In the waking world, they are typically intelligent entities of human size or smaller with capricious, mischievous, or contrary personalities. The following chart provides some ideas, but many more creatures are possible.

  1. A small cat with swirling, yellow/purple eyes and violet fur.
  2. A transparent owl, apparently made of crystal.
  3. An opposite-sex replica of the caster.
  4. A miniature, creeping bear with human mouth and hands.
  5. A slender, albino child.
  6. A miniature, black wyvern.

Wednesday 9 November 2016

My Dolmenwood House Rules

I'm running my first Dolmenwood / Barrowmaze session next week, so have worked up a quick house rules one-sheet.

I thought it might be of interest to others. Download the PDF here. (Dolmen art by Matthew Adams.)

Saturday 22 October 2016

Theorems & Thaumaturgy Revised: Spell Lists

I've just been fiddling around with the revised Theorems & Thaumaturgy (it's so nearly finished!!) and thought it might be fun to post the final spell lists. As I mentioned previously, there have been some small changes from the lists in the original edition. The elementalist, in particular, has been expanded slightly.

So first, the changes:

New spells: crystal resonance, sound the deeps, sea lust, castaway, power word petrify, skyland.
Merged spells: banish elementine & summon elementine merged into summon/banish lesser elementine, banish elementine & summon greater elementine merged into summon/banish greater elementine.
Reworked spells: detect magic is now dweomerfire, amalgam of fire and water and amalgam of air and earth are now magic items.
Six new magic items.

Removed spells: detacth/graft and organ transference. (These are now vivimancer spells.)
A few spells have been renamed but are otherwise identical.

New spells: instinct, minimus replication, detach, organ transference.
Reworked spells: detect magic is now arcane sight, hold animal is now paralysis, plant growth is now overgrow (reversible), revert shapechange is now revert biology, egg of life is now a magic item, hold vegetation or fungus is now animate vegetation or fungus (reversible).
Removed spells: yeast growth, fly, insect plague (too clericy, I think), mutate, mass mutation. (The mutation spells are in The Complete Vivimancer, but I felt they don't make sense to include without the associated mutation charts.)
Eight new magic items.

And now the complete, final spell lists:

1st level
Burning hands (MU)
Create water (rev.) (C)
Crystal resonance
Feather fall (MU)
Lasting breath
Manipulate fire (MU)
Ray of fire/ice
Read magic (MU)
Resist cold (C)
Sound the deeps
Summon/banish lesser elementine
Wall of vapour (I)

2nd level
Elemental cancellation
Fire trap (MU)
Fog cloud (I)
Incinerate (rev.)
Produce flame (D)
Pyrotechnics (MU)
Resist fire (C)
Sea lust
Summon/banish greater elementine
Tidal force

3rd level
Banish elemental
Fireball (MU)
Fly (MU)
Gust of wind (MU)
Heat metal (rev.) (D)
Protection from fire (D)
Stone shape (D)
Summon elemental I
Water breathing (D)

4th level
Contact elemental spirit
Fire shield (MU)
Flash fire (rev.) (D)
Ice storm (MU)
Lower water (D)
Move earth, lesser (MU)
Summon elemental II
Summon elemental horror
Temperature control (D)
Wall of fire (MU)
Wall of ice (MU)

5th level
Atmosphere bubble (MU)
Command elemental I
Cone of cold (MU)
Contact other plane (MU) *
Control winds (D)
Distort distance (MU)
Elemental plane protection
Flame strike (C)
Passwall (MU)
Summon elemental III
Transmute rock to mud (rev.) (MU)
Wall of stone (MU)

6th level
Command elemental II
Control weather (MU)
Freezing sphere (MU)
Move earth (MU)
Part water (MU)
Stone to flesh (rev.) (MU)
Summon aerial servant (C)
Summon greater elemental kin

7th level
Command elemental III
Control weather, greater (D)
Delayed blast fireball (MU)
Earthquake (D)
Elemental plane protection, 10’ radius
Fire storm (rev.) (D)
Statue (MU)
Wind walk (C)

8th level
Elemental portal
Elemental wrath
Incendiary cloud (MU)
Meld elemental
Power word petrify

9th level
Brimstone monolith
Gate (MU) *
Elemental portal, greater
Imprisonment (MU)
Meteor swarm (MU)
Pact of brass

1st level
Cause light wounds (C)
Command dead
Command undead (rev.)
Darkness globe (MU)
Detect disease
Detect undead
Dying words
Locate remains
Pass undead
Preserve dead (rev.)
Ray of enfeeblement (MU)
Read magic (MU)
Scare (MU)
Chill touch
Skeletal servitor
Summon necromantic familiar
Unseen servant (MU)

2nd level
Corpse visage
Death recall
Detect magic (MU)
Feign death (MU)
Rigor mortis
Lend strength or fortitude (rev.)
Ray of pain
Resist turning
Seal tomb (rev.)
Speak with dead (C)
Spectral hand
Summon vermin
Zombie servitor

3rd level
Animate dead (MU)
Cause disease (C)
Fear (MU)
Hold person (MU)
Skull sight
Skull speech
Summon monster I (MU) *
Unhallow (rev.)
Valour in death
Vampiric enslavement
Zone of sinister stillness

4th level
Bestow curse (MU)
Cause serious wounds (C)
Charm monster (MU) *
Inter (rev.)
Curse of rotting
Raise dead, lesser
Summon monster II (MU) *
Swarm transformation

5th level
Cause critical wounds (C)
Death spell (MU)
Gaseous form
Guardian spirit
Magic jar (MU)
Portent of doom
Summon monster III (MU) *
Summon shadow (I)
Wall of gloom
Zone of creeping terror

6th level
Bind spirit
Contact spirit
Curse of undeath
Harm (C)
Knowledge of life
Grip of death
Sacrificial resurrection
Spiritwrath (MU)
Summon monster IV (MU) *

7th level
Death geas
Destruction (C)
Drain energy (C)
Necrosis (C)
Summon demon (MU) *
Summon monster V (MU) *
Undead regeneration
Zone of weakness

8th level
Clone (MU)
Power word blind (MU)
Skeletal army
Summon monster VI (MU) *
Symbol (MU) *
Trap the soul (MU)

9th level
Power word kill (MU)
Raise dead (C)
Reinstate spirit
Steal life force
Summon monster VII (MU) *
Zone of death

1st level
Detect poison
Edibility (rev.)
Entangle (D)
Jump (MU)
Natural weaponry
Read magic (MU)
Reptilian metabolism
Skin transformation
Sleep (MU)
Speak with animals (D)
Spider climb (MU)
Spore cloud
Summon familiar (MU)
Vitality surge

2nd level
Accelerated healing
Accelerated immune system
Accelerated metabolism
Arcane sight
Fungal growth
Infravision (MU)
Life energy protection
Minimus replication
Staunch blood flow
Symbiotic familiar
Water breathing (MU)
Warp wood (D)
Web (MU)

3rd level
Divide body
Feign death (MU)
Insect swarm (D)
Natural weaponry, improved
Neutralize poison (D)
Overgrow (rev.)
Repel vermin (D)
Revert biology
Vats of creation

4th level
Animate vegetation or fungus (rev.)
Chimera I
Detach (rev.)
Hive mind
Hive sight
Immunity to disease
Plant metabolism
Plant symbiosis
Polymorph others (MU)
Polymorph self (MU)
Speak with plants (D)
Spore blast
Swarm transformation (q.v. necromancer spell list)

5th level
Animal growth (D)
Anti-plant shell (D)
Divide mind
Immunity to poison
Transfer pregnancy
Venomous blood
Wall of thorns (D)

6th level
Anti-animal shell (D)
Charm plants (MU)
Chimera II
Flesh blast
Life cycle
Organ transference
Reincarnate (MU)
Repel wood (D)
Transformative pupation

7th level
Parasitic implantation
Regeneration, greater
Replicate life-form
Vats of creation, greater

8th level
Chimera III
Clone (MU)
Explosive growth
Mass devolution
Organ transference, greater
Regenerative pupation
Shape change (MU)
Survival of the fittest

9th level
Artificial intelligence
Creeping doom (D)
Extraordinary regeneration
Temporal stasis (MU)

Monday 17 October 2016

Notes on Barrowmaze in Dolmenwood

I'm gearing up to run some games in Barrowmaze set in the heart of Dolmenwood. Reading through the Barrowmaze Complete book, which I received last week, I've been making notes on combining the two settings.

First thoughts:
Barrowmaze is located in hex 1306, where the forest thins and boggy ground prevails. Prigwort is the closest settlement. (I intend to write up more details on this village, but you could also just use the info on Helix given in the Barrowmaze book.)

The cult of Nergal dispersed, abandoning Barrowmaze, some 1,100 years ago.

The Anganach (ancient gods) are those worshipped by the original, scant folk of Dolmenwood, whom the Drune named the “interlopers”. Their presence is still felt, at times, in the wood and their names live on in local folklore, although they are no longer commonly worshipped as gods.

St Ygg is a saint of the One True God.

Replace the Necromancers of Set with the Drune, who use serpent symbolism in many of their markings and rituals.

Replace the bugbears hired by the Necromancers of Set with wild goatmen.

Instead of steel skeletons, the Drune create golems of thorny iron-wood.

The tablet of chaos, buried in Barrowmaze for centuries, began calling out to those sensitive to its message around fifteen years ago. The maze is coming back to “life”. The Acolytes of Orcus arrived ten years ago, called from a land in the distant east, followed shortly after by the Drune.

Runic tablets are written in the ancient language of the interlopers. This requires magic or research to read.

Tuesday 4 October 2016

Theorems & Thaumaturgy Revised Edition: Another Sample Spread

All has been rather quiet on the Necrotic Gnome front for a little while. Eerily quiet. That's right, I've been stalking around in graveyards at night and touching dead people's faces. That and moving into a brand new, empty flat, which entails quite some amount of logisitcal effort, I've discovered.

In the meantime, while I've been busy attending to matters material, a couple of things have been creeping along in the background. One of those things is the resplendent revised edition of the perennial favourite Theorems & Thaumaturgy. I'm super excited about this beast. It represents a proper second edition of my first book, enhanced in many ways to be (to paraphrase George "the beast" Lucas) much closer to what I imagined as its potential, originally. Among other things (full details here), the layout and design have been completely redone and the book is being illustrated afresh, largely by the uncannily talented hand of David Coppoletti. (Cadanse D of the first edition returns with some remarkable pieces, along with leftfield entries from Claytonian "JP" and a sneaky guest appearance from none other than Russ Nicholson.)

Anyway, I can now reveal that things are looking on track for a November release date. A5 softcover. Slightly-larger-than-A5 (because that's what OBS offer) hardcover. 136 pages. And it's gonna have a black cover, proper grimoire style.

As proof of the non-phantasmagoric nature of this project, feast your eyes on this example spread from the necromancer chapter:

Saturday 3 September 2016

Equipment Lists: Dashing Garments

I like to use a system of "spend gold to gain XP" in my campaigns, so burgeoning lists of expensive / flashy / silly things for PCs to spend money on are always desirable.

I started work on a list of funny, flamboyant clothing a while back and have just finished it up. What adventurer could resist a wyrm-scaled cashmere codpiece!? (A mere 1,015gp.)


1Item (# of coins)Material (type of coin)Embellishments (cost)
2Ball gown (100)Angora (gold)Beading (+25gp)
3Bell bottoms (10)Beaver fur (silver)Bejewelled (+1,000 to +10,000gp)
4Braces (5)Cashmere (gold)Bells (+25gp)
5Britches (7)Cheese cloth (copper)Buckles (+10gp)
6Cape (8)Chiffon (gold)Coat of arms (+20gp)
7Chaps (7)Chunky knit (silver)Down-stuffed (+15gp)
8Chastity belt (10)Cotton (copper)Emblem (+15gp)
9Chemise (10)Crocheted (gold)Embroidered (+50gp)
10Cloak (12)Denim (copper)Enchanted: dazzling (+1,000gp, stun all within 15' for one round, once per day)
11Codpiece (15)Ermine (platinum)Enchanted: fireproof (+500gp, +2 to saves vs fire)
12Corset (20)Felt (silver)Enchanted: glowing (+500gp, light spell once per day)
13Cumberband (15)Fishnet (silver)Enchanted: insect repellant (+250gp)
14Doublet (15)Flannel (copper)Enchanted: invisibility (+1,000gp, once per week, per the spell)
15Garter (6)Goatskin (copper)Enchanted: protective (+1,500gp, +1 AC bonus)
16Girdle (5)Hemp (copper)Enchanted: shadow-wreathed (+1,000gp, 3-in-6 hide in shadows)
17Habit (8)Herringbone (silver)Enchanted: silenced (+1,000gp, 3-in-6 move silently)
18Hose (7)Houndstooth (silver)Enchanted: spell-reflection (+5,000gp, reflects 10 levels of spells)
19Jerkin (10)Lace (gold)Enchanted: waterproof (+250gp)
20Jockstrap (10)Lambswool (silver)Feathers (+20gp to +200gp)
21Jodhpurs (12)Leather (silver)Fringe (+5gp)
22Kaftan (10)Leopardskin (platinum)Fur trim (+20gp to +200gp)
23Kilt (10)Oilskin (silver)Fur-lined (+50gp to +500gp)
24Knickers (4)Paisley (gold)Glitter (+10gp)
25Leggings (6)Patent leather (gold)Gold studs (+100gp)
26Leotard (12)Plaid (silver)Gold thread (+50gp)
27Loin cloth (5)Quilting (silver)Padded (+5gp)
28Negligee (20)Rubber (gold)Plated (+10gp)
29Nightgown (9)Satin (gold)Ribbed (+10gp)
30Pantaloons (9)Scratchy wool (copper)Ribonned (+3gp)
31Petticoats (14)Silk (gold)Ruffles (+10gp)
32Poncho (8)Snakeskin (gold)Runes or sigils (+20gp)
33Robe (12)Spandex (gold)Sequins (+15gp)
34Sou'wester (15)Starched linen (silver)Silver studs (+40gp)
35Thong (8)Suede (silver)Silver thread (+20gp)
36Toga (8)Tartan (silver)Spiked (+10gp)
37Tunic (10)Tweed (silver)Studded (+5gp)
38Tutu (13)Velvet (gold)Tassles (+5gp)
39Vest (7)Wolfskin (gold)Tie-dyed (+4gp)
40Waistcoat (15)Wormskin (platinum)Wyrm-scales (+1,000gp)

(This may appear in Wormskin, at some point, along with similar tables for footwear, hats, accessories, etc.)