Friday, 29 April 2011

Contemplating nature wizards

Inspired by a suggestion some time ago from Kelvin of Brighton & Hove Roleplayers, I've been musing on the possibility of a nature mage class. I've always been a bit non-plussed by the AD&D druid, who, I guess, is really a bit too clericy for my taste. (Which is fair enough, as it is supposed to be a cleric sub-class, but that's just not really my thing.) So originally I'd not thought there was much room to expand on this already existing list of nature-oriented spells, and that a nature mage class would end up borrowing so heavily from the druid spell list as to make it not worth doing. However, the X spell from yesterday (Xenogamy) gave me a vision of the kind of class I would like to create -- a branch of magic based on manipulating the impartial forces of nature.

Inspirational keywords: parasites, swarms, hive minds, evolution, symbiosis, reproduction, disease, decay, survival of the fittest, birth & death, hibernation, stasis, cocoons, growth & withering, cycles.

I see this hypothetical class as a kind of counterpart to the necromancer in a way. Where the necromancer deals with the forces of death and undeath, the nature mage deals with the forces of life & nature. And those forces can be equally as cruel and twisted as they can kind. So the nature mage is absolutely in no way a protector of nature, like the druid is supposed to be. I want to create a bunch of spells which invoke the creepyness and weirdness of the natural world, the things which are considered normal to non-human members of the animal & plant kingdoms. Praying mantises not being able to reproduce unless the male's head is bitten off. The freakish mutations which can emerge suddenly from a gene pool. Fungal parasites. You know the stuff.

So, it might just happen... I had a mini brainstorm this morning, and came up with some spell concepts. For now here are some names:

Reptilian metabolism / mammalian metabolism
Transformative pupation
Regenerative pupation
Artificial intelligence
Hive mind
Accelerated metabolism
Accelerated immune system
Accelerated regeneration
Swarm transformation
Aging / reverse aging
Homing instinct
Pair bonding
Compound vision
Skin transformation
Echo location

And a few spells from existing spell lists (LL / AD&D) which would fit in for sure: polymorph self / others, shapechange, clone, creeping doom, summon swarm, water breathing, spider climb, sleep, entangle.


  1. Excellent!

    You could also have some kind of spell which would cause the target to undergo explosive growth, like Tetsuo at the end of Akira.

  2. Great idea, thanks! Keep 'em coming if you have any further weird warped-nature imagery...

    By the way, there'll definitely be some spells in there which interface with the mutations from Mutant Future. :)

    Is my concept here anything like what you were imagining when you said before that you've always wanted a decent nature wizard class?


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