Sunday 8 March 2015

Oceanic Magic: Anchor of Ethereality

Just found this magic item, an out-take from Wizardzine #1. I had planned to include details of several more aquatic wizards and their magical creations, but at 40+ pages, I already had more than enough content for an issue of a zine. This item is the creation of one Master Harlwn of the Luminous Docks, a renowned artificer specialising in the construction of enchanted ships.

Anchor of Ethereality
A huge anchor, 8’ in girth, of rune-engraved, oxidised bronze with a mother-of-pearl sheen. When cast from a ship to the sea bed, the anchor’s magic is activated. The anchor, attaching chain, and vessel (including everyone and everything aboard it) are transported to the ethereal plane for 3d6 hours. The ship will drift thence upon the waves of ether which permeate that plane. A correctly trained crew may navigate the ether, sailing the ship to strange shores. It is said that it is thus possible to reach distant locations in the material plane or even, via ether vortices, to travel deeper into the astral plane and the far realms beyond.

If the ship is still in the ethereal plane when the randomly determined duration of the ethereal jaunt expires, it is returned instantly to the location at which it was anchored in the real world.

Friday 6 March 2015

Moss Dwarf Stat Cards by Nick Kuntz

A while back, I posted the moss dwarf generator -- a bunch of random tables to generate characteristics of these fun-loving, fungally-inclined demi-humans.

In my inbox this morning, I was delighted to discover these wonderful images, products of the generator, drawn by Nick Kuntz:

Thanks Nick! It's always a joy to see something I've imagined being taken by someone else and spiced with their imagination to produce something new!