Tuesday 5 April 2011

A to Z: Dreadcube

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Available to: Magic-users
Level: 7
Duration: 6 turns
Range: 60'

This strange spell is aptly named, by those few who have dared to cast it. It brings into being a small rotating 6" iron cube engraved with a complex series of arcane runes and diagrams. The cube hovers above the magic-user's palm, and remains there for the spell's duration.

Each of the cube's six faces contains a dweomer, which can be activated only once. The powers of the faces are activated under several conditions, not all of which are under the caster's control. Firstly the caster may deliberately activate a face simply by touching it. Secondly, the power of a random face of the cube will activate as a reaction upon the casting of any magic-user spell within range. Lastly, the powers of all remaining faces of the cube will activate simultaneously if the cube itself is targeted with any form of magic (including dispel magic), or when the duration of the spell expires.

The powers of the faces are randomly determined when activated,
by rolling 1d6 -- it is not possible to predict which effect a face contains.

1: Lightning bolt affecting a random target within range.
2: Prismatic spray emanating from the cube and oriented in a randomly determined direction.
3: Dispel magic affecting all magic within range.
4: Polymorph others affecting a random target within range.
5: Summon monster V.
6: Spell resistance
affecting a random target within range.

Note that all powers which are randomly targeted are quite able to target the cube's possessor.

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  1. Another evocative spell! I imagine the thing being all rusty -- or is that blood? -- and with sharp corners and edges, and slowly rotating above the caster's palm. Dread indeed!


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