Monday, 7 March 2011

April A to Z blogging challenge

Inspired by seeing austrodavicus' list of letters for the A to Z challenge, I thought I'd give it a go too. As I've been getting into the habit of making up collections of spells, that seems like the perfect theme for me. So, here they are, the names of 26 new spells, one for each letter of the alphabet. I have no pre-formed ideas as to what they will do, or what class they'll each be for, I just came up with a bunch of names that sound interesting...

A - Alabaster homunculus
B - Brimstone monolith
C - Chalice of Asmodeus
D - Dreadcube
E - Egg of life
F - Faithlessness
G - Gelatinous transformation
H - Hapless fool
I - Intone
J - Jellyfish
K - Keenness of sight
L - Laughing gnome
M - Marionette
N - No way
O - Oscillation
P - Preemptive strike
Q - Quadrangle
R - Rotational acceleration
S - Subtle deception
T - Tessellate
U - Upper hand
V - Vacuum
W - Whale speech
X - Xenogamy
Y - Yeast growth
Z - Zoetrope


  1. Excellent list, some great names there. I can't wait to see what you come up with. Thanks for the mention Gavin.


  2. Great idea about an alphabet - I hope that you don't mind if I'll use similar method on my blog?

  3. It had not occurred to me to theme my A-Z posts around one trope. Very clever!

    Also, it seems like everybody is publicizing the projected content of their A-Z lists ahead of time. I was thinking I would keep mine secret until they posted in April, but maybe I should offer a teaser soon as well, to generate interest.

    Looking forward to yours!

  4. @Carter: Yeah I had also originally interpreted the challenge as meaning a post on a different (alphabetically oriented) topic each day. And that the topics would probably be selected on a day by day basis, not in advance. Then I saw Dave's A-Z list for a campaign setting, and picked up the idea of a themed and pre-defined list from there.

    I think there's pros and cons to having a day by day list vs a secret list vs a publicly declared list... I guess for myself, publicly announcing what I'm gonna do makes it more likely to happen.

    @Omlet: Go for it! I got the idea off austrodavicus myself.

    I'm really looking forward to reading everyone's alphabetical ideas -- April's gonna be a fun month for sure!

  5. Gavin, I'm looking forward to this series!


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