Thursday, 14 April 2011

A to Z: Laughing gnome

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Laughing Gnome
Available to: Illusionists
Level: 3
Duration: 1 hour per level
Range: 60'

With this spell the caster can conjure forth an illusionary gnome which will follow the chosen target around for the duration. The illusionist can choose for the gnome to be a true illusion, visible to all, or to take the form of a phantasm, which only the target can perceive. Due to its unreal nature the gnome cannot be harmed in any way, and cannot be outrun or evaded, even by teleportation magic.

The gnome can have one of several effects, chosen at the point of casting:

Jovial gnome: This gnome acts as a friendly and good-spirited companion, making jokes and pranks and generally trying to lift the spirits of the character it follows.
Boisterous gnome: This gnome, apparently horrendously drunk, makes a huge amount of noise as it follows its target -- laughing, shouting and singing.
Sneering gnome: This gnome's humour is cynical and bitter, always trying to ridicule and degrade its target.

The effects of the gnomes are fairly subjective, and should be determined by the Labyrinth Lord on a situational basis as a result of the role-played interaction between the gnome and the targetted character. Possible effects include: a bonus / penalty to morale, the negation or worsening of fear effects, a bonus / penalty to attacks or abilities due to encouragement or disparagement.

Note that this spell does not allow a saving throw, as the words and actions of the gnome have an effect regardless of whether the the target realises it is an illusion or not.


  1. :) It was quite a difficult one to come up with anything for! I thought it'd be fun to throw in a few challenging spell names for myself...


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