Thursday, 21 April 2011

A to Z: Rotational acceleration

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Rotational Acceleration
Available to: Magic-users (dimensionalists)
Level: 6
Duration: 2d4 rounds
Range: 5' per level

This spell brings about a bizarre modification of the laws of force and movement within a bounded area, causing all objects and creatures in the affected area to enter eagerly into a state of rapid spinning. In the first round of the spell's effect, creatures in the affected area experience an odd sensation of falling and of losing control of their momentum. Spinning creatures suffer -4 to attacks in the first round. Most other actions, including spell casting, are impossible.

From the second round of spinning onwards, all actions are impossible, as the affected creatures spin and tumble with ever-increasing speed. Each round, affected creatures have a 50% chance of suffering 1d6 damage due to collisions, and a 25% chance of spinning wildly out of the area of effect. Carried items are very likely to fly off as a creature spins.

If a creature leaves the affected area, or when the spell's duration comes to an end, targets must make a saving throw versus paralysis. Failing the save means that the creature is overwhelmed with dizziness and suffers -4 to attacks for 1d4 additional rounds.

The spell only affects moving creatures or objects, and can be avoided by any creature able to grasp onto an immovable anchor such as a large tree or rock, or by anyone who is forewarned of the casting of this spell and is able to stand completely still.

Note that the caster is affected by the spell, but can easily avoid spinning by remaining stationary during the spell's duration.

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