Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Illusionist magic (+ holiday)

Just a quick note to say that I'm off on holiday for 2 weeks, so no more posting until April (and the A to Z challenge!). Here's an illusionist spell for the road, a re-working of a classic :)

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Illusory Abode
Level: 8
Duration: 1 hour per level
Range: 30'

The caster brings forth the image of a door or trapdoor in a nearby surface, which he may then enter, bringing any number of companions with him. Inside the door is an illusionary house or castle of some kind, providing the opportunity of rest and respite for all who enter. The exact appearance, dimensions and characteristics of the illusory abode are completely up to the caster. The illusory abode exists in a strange half-dimension, and is thus unaffected by environmental conditions in the area where the door exists.

The first time an illusionist casts this spell, the abode, while it may be lavishly furnished after the caster's exact imaginings, is uninhabited. However once inside, the caster can create illusory inhabitants by use of further spells (typically spectral force), which function with an increased intensity. Within the confines of the illusory abode, all illusions created by the caster become partially real, and gain the ability to manipulate and affect physical objects. Furthermore, any illusions of permanent duration created inside the illusory abode will appear each time the caster returns. Thus the illusionist may create servants or guards for his abode, which will, over time, come to take on a life of their own as they learn to serve their creator. While the furnishings and inhabitants of the illusory abode seem completely real, they cannot leave the abode and disappear immediately if taken outside.

The spell major creation is also enhanced when cast inside the illusory abode, being able to create quantities of food with permanent duration which can be eaten and provide real nourishment.

It is rumoured that powerful illusionists sometimes keep libraries of illusionary spell books inside an illusory abode, though the magic which enables this is not commonly known.

When the spell's duration comes to an end, the caster and all guests appear back at the location where the door was created. Guests can enter and leave the illusory abode at will during its duration, but creatures who are not invited inside by the caster cannot enter by any means. Likewise, creatures who do not willingly enter the illusory abode are allowed to make a saving throw versus spells to resist being taken inside.

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