Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A to Z: Egg of life

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Egg of Life
Available to: Magic-users (nature mages), Druids
Level: 7
Duration: Permanent
Range: 5' per level

Through this spell, the caster wields the power to create life. A single egg (from any bird or reptile) is required, which must be cracked open upon casting the spell. The contents of the egg are enchanted, and upon falling onto the ground cause a chain reaction of magical growth to occur. Over the course of the following turn a panoply of life-forms spring into existence
within the area of effect, creating a full habitat complete with plants, insects and small animals. The type of habitat created (forest, jungle, steppe, plains, etc) can be chosen by the caster.

Note that geological conditions such as soil or water sources are not created or modified by this spell. Thus, while the plants and animals conjured will theoretically live to their natural lifespan, they may perish more rapidly if created in an otherwise hostile environment.

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