Friday, 31 December 2010

Elementalist summoning spells 1

As discussed previously, I've been thinking about creating some new spells to flesh out the spell list for a hypothesised elementalist magic-user sub-class. Firstly I want to focus on the ability of the elementalist to summon and control elemental creatures, which I think would make for a fantastic and pretty unique class. I've got plenty of ideas for a full range of summoning spells from 1st to 9th level, and some new creatures which can be summoned. Here are the first two spells in the series, starting at the high-end -- 9th level, to give a glimpse of the sort of deeds a master elementalist may be capable of.

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Level: 9
Duration: Instant
Range: 60'

Cast in the presence of a summoned djinni or efreeti, this spell forces the creature to grant the caster a single wish (as the 9th level magic-user spell). The creature cannot deny the caster's demand, but will always attempt to twist the intent of the wish by fulfilling it to the letter. Once the wish has been granted, the summoned creature is released and has a 50% chance of returning to its home plane and a 50% chance of immediately attacking the caster. The granted wish itself cannot be used to prevent the possibility of the summoned creature attacking the caster.

Pact of Brass
Level: 9
Duration: 101 days
Range: 0

This powerful spell allows a caster to bind a summoned efreeti into service for 101 days, as detailed in the creature's description. The efreeti must first be summoned with another spell or magic item. The binding of the pact also requires the caster to prepare two brass amulets - one which he must wear and one to be worn by the efreeti. These amulets must be inscribed with magical writing, and cost at least 4,000gp each. The power of the spell is such that the summoned efreeti cannot deny the pact and must accept the wizard's amulet. Once the pact is made, it can only be broken if either of the amulets leaves its owner's possession. The bound efreeti cannot discard its amulet of its own accord, however, they are intelligent, chaotic and wily creatures, and often contrive ways to trick the caster to command them to do so, thus breaking the pact. If the pact is broken before its proper end, the efreeti is 90% likely to attack the wizard who bound it.

A wizard may only bind one efreeti to service at any one time.


  1. Great work as usual. I am really thrilled that each of us is developing this along different (yet vaguely related) lines. Your prior comment about the 2E magic-user specialist classes did help -- I look forward to your ideas about Necromancers as well!

  2. Yeah it's great to have different but related ideas bouncing around! Your divine elementalists sound very interesting as well, I'm looking forward to hearing more about them.

    I also want to have a go at a wild mage class for Labyrinth Lord - it's something which I really liked in AD&D 2e (though I don't remember anyone ever playing one), and was recently surprised to discover was never properly brought into 3rd or later editions. Ah, so many spells and so little time... ;)

  3. Nice stuff, amigo! I especially like Pact of Brass. The mental image of an efreeti desperately but subtly trying to trick it's "master" out of the spell is classic, amusing, and fodder for all kinds of great adventure bits. Cheers to you!

  4. Thanks strangestones!

    Yes, playing with fire - especially highly intelligent and capricious fire - has got to be a risky business! :)


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