Sunday, 19 December 2010

Dwarf & Halfling variants

I mentioned previously that I had variant dwarf and halfling classes planned for my up and coming Labyrinth Lord game. I really like the standard classes' abilities, but didn't feel that the standard noble dwarf or jolly halfling fit in at all with what I had in mind for the setting, so I wanted to rework them somewhat. The variant classes I came up with ended up being mostly just a matter of flavour, as opposed to properly different classes, but I thought I'd post them here anyway, just out of interest.

(I also had in mind using the Mutant class from the 'mutants & mazes' section of Mutant Future for the mongrel-men who live in the vaults below the great city. I'll have a proper look at that when I receive my recently ordered Mutant Future hardback, but it sounds like it'd be a fun class!)

Halflings in S'raka are not the cosy, furry creatures of modern myth. They are a race which has evolved from the genetic randomness of the mongrel-men who inhabit the vaults and catacombs of the city. Halflings are tiny, half the height of most humans, and usually have one or more animal-like features such as: small claws, long whiskers, pointed ears, fur, a small tail, etc. They typically have a slightly rodent-like appearance, and are quick, alert and agile. Most halflings spend their lives in the vaults of S'raka, where they live as scavengers. A few of the more gifted members of this race sometimes venture to the surface, and may find a way to make a living as adventurers or business-owners. They are generally regarded as vermin, in the same social class as beggars or mongrel-men.

S'rakan halflings have the following differences to the standard halfling class:
  • They have infravision to 60 feet.
  • Their hiding ability works on a roll of 1-3 on 1d6 in any environment, wilderness, urban or underground.
The dwarrow are a race similar to the standard dwarves. They live underground in labyrinthine cavern complexes which they constantly expand and mine for minerals. Dwarrow differ somewhat in appearance from the standard dwarf – their skin is gnarled like old tree roots and is dark brown or grey in colour and their eyes are jet black. Although they are important trade partners, the dwarrow are seldom trusted by humans – they are usually exceptionally avaricious and scheming, regarding all forms of precious metal and gems as the sole property of their race.


  1. Everything's better with Skaven. ;)

  2. Ha ha :) I'd not thought of Skaven. Were they undercity dwellers as well? (Perhaps unusually for an English roleplayer I'm not really au fait with the Warhammer universe.)

  3. Indeed they are, and are stealthy and good shots too, just like halflings. Although I was being a little facetious up there, reskinning halflings as rat-men is an idea I wish I'd had, as it's very clever.

    There must be something in the air, as Zak over at the porn stars blog has also reinvented halflings over the weekend, with his as an imperial race of snooty Napoleons!


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