Thursday, 23 December 2010

More spells of thread & rope

I've felt inspired to continue the series of thread & rope spells posted previously. I'm very keen on the idea of series of themed spells, ranging all the way from 1st through 9th level, so I'll see if I can achieve that with thread themed spells. Not there yet, but here are some more for the series.

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Conducting Skein
Level: 4
Duration: 1 turn
Range: 10' per level

During this spell's duration the caster gains the ability to deliver touch spells through ropes, threads and skeins. Both the caster and the target must be touching the conducting skein.

Conducting Web
Level: 7
Duration: 1 turn
Range: 10' per level

This spell allows the wizard to massively amplify the effects of a single touch spell through a normal or magical web. The caster must be touching the web as he casts the desired touch spell, which can be up to 3rd level. The touch spell's effects are then amplified and conducted to every creature in range which is in contact with the web. Each affected creature is allowed a saving throw, if the conducted spell allows one. Only one spell can be conducted per casting of conducting web.

Conjure Rope
Level: 1
Duration: 6 turns
Range: 0

This simple spell has been the saviour of many an adventuring party who were stuck deep underground lacking basic equipment. It produces a normal 50' hemp rope for the duration.

Rope Walk
Level: 1
Duration: 1 round, +1 round per level
Range: Touch

This spell enables the subject to walk along extended ropes at his normal rate of movement, and with no risk of falling. Only ropes which are on a horizontal and which could normally support the subject's weight can be traversed - the spell does not grant any gravity-defying powers. The subject is so at ease while rope walking that he may perform any normal actions, including attacking or spell casting. However if he takes any damage the subject must make a saving throw versus wands or fall.

Web of Arachne
Level: 9
Duration: Permanent
Range: 20' per level

This spell creates a huge volume of sticky threads which entrap any creatures caught within the affected area in the same way as the 2nd level web spell. In addition to the normal entanglement, all creatures entangled in or touching the web must make a saving throw versus spells or enter a state of suspended animation (as temporal stasis) for 2d6 days. The caster can move freely through a web he has created.

A wizard can only have one web of Arachne in existence at a time, and in order to create a web in a new location must personally destroy the old web by casting dispel magic. Apart from this one situation, the web is unaffected by dispel magic, and is not damaged by fire (normal or magical). Sections of the web can be disintegrated.

Web Walk
Level: 2
Duration: 2 rounds, +1 round per level
Range: Touch

The subject gains the ability to climb or walk along ropes, skeins and webbing as quickly and easily as he can move on the ground. The affected creature can traverse threads of any thickness, even those which could not normally support his weight - however the spell's magic only allows thin threads to support the subject's weight plus up to 150 pounds. This spell has the additional effect of preventing the subject from becoming stuck in webs created by giant spiders or magical web spells, though it does not help creatures who are actually bound up in webbing.


  1. Nice work, amigo! These are great additions. I especially like the "conducting" spells. I'm formulating an idea for a big bad who is a knitter and does nasty things to the party with her yarn and thread and such and these definite give her more options. Cheers!

  2. Hey that's really cool! Sounds like an excellent and very atmospheric villain!


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