Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Expanded thief class for Labyrinth Lord

Finding myself with some time on my hands today, I managed to do a proper write-up of yesterday's musings on a class combining the LL thief and assassin with the 1st edition AD&D thief-acrobat. Thus, I present - the expanded thief class.

It's just a first draft, and of course as yet completely untested, so any comments or suggestions for improvement are most welcome!


  1. Hey this thief is very cool. I found it via the wiki.

    I wonder if every few levels the thief can add an extra thief skill (would be at level 1). I take it that use scrolls is a subset of read languages all within the thief skill script.

  2. Interesting idea! That'd certainly be another way to use the class, for players and DMs who didn't mind a bit more complexity. Perhaps the character could initially have level 1 ability in 8 skills, then with each experience level gained could increase 8 skills by one level -- including the possibility of learning a new skill at 1st level ability. That way it'd be possible to have a thief with a lower level of ability in all of the skills, or a thief with a narrower but more perfected range of skills.

    And yes, casting spells from scrolls is part of the script skill.


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