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Spells of thread & rope, part 3

Here's the final installment of the sequence of thread & rope themed spells.

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Level: 6
Duration: 3 turns
Range: Touch

This spell is cast upon a piece of rope up to 50' long, which rises into the air as if it had been enchanted by the 2nd level rope trick spell. As the rope rises it creates a 5' wide passage through any barriers it encounters, in a similar manner to passwall. The rope can create multiple passages if it encounters multiple barriers on its ascent, but is blocked by metal or materials harder than stone. Each passage can be at most 10' deep. Once the rope has ascended to its full length it hangs down, allowing creatures to climb up through the newly created passages. When the spell's duration ends, or at any time the caster desires, the rope falls and any passages created close once more.

Bond Bane
Level: 4
Duration: Instant
Range: 10' per level

This spell brings about the destruction of all types of rope, threads, cords and webbing within range. As the spell is cast all affected cords burst into a blaze of white flame and are destroyed in a single round. The spell affects even magical ropes and webs, unless they have a specific immunity to magical fire. Any creatures in close proximity to the burning cords suffer 1d8 hit points damage. The caster is immune to this damage.

Bond bane can be cast with merely a word, making it especially useful for wizards who have been inadvertently bound and are unable to make spell casting gestures.

Command Rope
Level: 1
Duration: Instant
Range: 10' per level

Using this spell the caster can command a rope within range to animate and either tie itself in a knot or untie an existing knot. A knot can be tied at either end of the rope, or at any point along its length. The spell can be used to tie a simple binding knot around a creature's hands or feet, but the target is allowed a saving throw versus spells to evade the rope. Once tied, the knot has no magical properties, and can be untied normally.

Relentless Binding
Level: 3
Duration: 1 hour per level
Range: 10'

This spell can be used to prevent a single bound target from escaping by any means. The target must already be bound or entangled in some way, by ropes, cords or webbing. Once the spell is cast the binding becomes enchanted, and actively resists all attempts to free the victim. For the duration of the spell the binding cannot be cut, burned or damaged in any way short of a limited wish or disintegrate spell. The binding can be released at any time the caster desires, immediately cancelling the enchantment.

Rope Like Steel
Level: 7
Duration: Permanent
Range: Touch

The caster may give a single length of rope the strength, but not the weight, of steel. The spell affects up to a 5' length of rope per level of the caster.

Rope Ward
Level: 5
Duration: 1 turn per level
Range: Touch

This spell creates a powerful ward which prevents magic, attacks and creatures from crossing its boundary. The ward's boundary is defined by the placement of a rope of up to 50' in length, which the caster must lay upon the ground before casting the spell. As the spell is cast an invisible ward springs up vertically from the rope, making a wall 20' high. The ward prevents spells, breath weapons, heat, electricity, physical attacks and creatures from passing either way. It is affected normally by dispel magic or disintegrate. Once placed, the rope ward cannot be moved by any means short of a limited wish by any being except the caster. The caster can move the rope freely during the spell's duration, altering the shape of the ward. If the rope leaves the ground the ward vanishes, but will reappear if the rope is replaced.

Level: 8
Duration: Instant
Range: Touch

This spell causes a single rope, web or cord of any type which the caster touches to break. Even monumentally thick or powerfully enchanted ropes can be severed. In the astral plane sever can be used to cut the silver cord of an astral traveller, though in this case the victim is allowed a saving throw versus spells to resist.

Strengthen Rope
Level: 1
Duration: 1 turn per two levels
Range: Touch

With this spell a single length of rope, up to 10' per caster level, is magically strengthened, giving it the ability to support great weights. The weight that can be supported by the affected rope is multiplied by ten - thus an enchanted hemp rope can support the weight of thirty human beings, and a silk rope up to fifty. The enchantment does not however increse the rope's ability to resist cutting.

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