Monday 17 October 2016

Notes on Barrowmaze in Dolmenwood

I'm gearing up to run some games in Barrowmaze set in the heart of Dolmenwood. Reading through the Barrowmaze Complete book, which I received last week, I've been making notes on combining the two settings.

First thoughts:
Barrowmaze is located in hex 1306, where the forest thins and boggy ground prevails. Prigwort is the closest settlement. (I intend to write up more details on this village, but you could also just use the info on Helix given in the Barrowmaze book.)

The cult of Nergal dispersed, abandoning Barrowmaze, some 1,100 years ago.

The Anganach (ancient gods) are those worshipped by the original, scant folk of Dolmenwood, whom the Drune named the “interlopers”. Their presence is still felt, at times, in the wood and their names live on in local folklore, although they are no longer commonly worshipped as gods.

St Ygg is a saint of the One True God.

Replace the Necromancers of Set with the Drune, who use serpent symbolism in many of their markings and rituals.

Replace the bugbears hired by the Necromancers of Set with wild goatmen.

Instead of steel skeletons, the Drune create golems of thorny iron-wood.

The tablet of chaos, buried in Barrowmaze for centuries, began calling out to those sensitive to its message around fifteen years ago. The maze is coming back to “life”. The Acolytes of Orcus arrived ten years ago, called from a land in the distant east, followed shortly after by the Drune.

Runic tablets are written in the ancient language of the interlopers. This requires magic or research to read.

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