Saturday, 3 September 2016

Equipment Lists: Dashing Garments

I like to use a system of "spend gold to gain XP" in my campaigns, so burgeoning lists of expensive / flashy / silly things for PCs to spend money on are always desirable.

I started work on a list of funny, flamboyant clothing a while back and have just finished it up. What adventurer could resist a wyrm-scaled cashmere codpiece!? (A mere 1,015gp.)


1Item (# of coins)Material (type of coin)Embellishments (cost)
2Ball gown (100)Angora (gold)Beading (+25gp)
3Bell bottoms (10)Beaver fur (silver)Bejewelled (+1,000 to +10,000gp)
4Braces (5)Cashmere (gold)Bells (+25gp)
5Britches (7)Cheese cloth (copper)Buckles (+10gp)
6Cape (8)Chiffon (gold)Coat of arms (+20gp)
7Chaps (7)Chunky knit (silver)Down-stuffed (+15gp)
8Chastity belt (10)Cotton (copper)Emblem (+15gp)
9Chemise (10)Crocheted (gold)Embroidered (+50gp)
10Cloak (12)Denim (copper)Enchanted: dazzling (+1,000gp, stun all within 15' for one round, once per day)
11Codpiece (15)Ermine (platinum)Enchanted: fireproof (+500gp, +2 to saves vs fire)
12Corset (20)Felt (silver)Enchanted: glowing (+500gp, light spell once per day)
13Cumberband (15)Fishnet (silver)Enchanted: insect repellant (+250gp)
14Doublet (15)Flannel (copper)Enchanted: invisibility (+1,000gp, once per week, per the spell)
15Garter (6)Goatskin (copper)Enchanted: protective (+1,500gp, +1 AC bonus)
16Girdle (5)Hemp (copper)Enchanted: shadow-wreathed (+1,000gp, 3-in-6 hide in shadows)
17Habit (8)Herringbone (silver)Enchanted: silenced (+1,000gp, 3-in-6 move silently)
18Hose (7)Houndstooth (silver)Enchanted: spell-reflection (+5,000gp, reflects 10 levels of spells)
19Jerkin (10)Lace (gold)Enchanted: waterproof (+250gp)
20Jockstrap (10)Lambswool (silver)Feathers (+20gp to +200gp)
21Jodhpurs (12)Leather (silver)Fringe (+5gp)
22Kaftan (10)Leopardskin (platinum)Fur trim (+20gp to +200gp)
23Kilt (10)Oilskin (silver)Fur-lined (+50gp to +500gp)
24Knickers (4)Paisley (gold)Glitter (+10gp)
25Leggings (6)Patent leather (gold)Gold studs (+100gp)
26Leotard (12)Plaid (silver)Gold thread (+50gp)
27Loin cloth (5)Quilting (silver)Padded (+5gp)
28Negligee (20)Rubber (gold)Plated (+10gp)
29Nightgown (9)Satin (gold)Ribbed (+10gp)
30Pantaloons (9)Scratchy wool (copper)Ribonned (+3gp)
31Petticoats (14)Silk (gold)Ruffles (+10gp)
32Poncho (8)Snakeskin (gold)Runes or sigils (+20gp)
33Robe (12)Spandex (gold)Sequins (+15gp)
34Sou'wester (15)Starched linen (silver)Silver studs (+40gp)
35Thong (8)Suede (silver)Silver thread (+20gp)
36Toga (8)Tartan (silver)Spiked (+10gp)
37Tunic (10)Tweed (silver)Studded (+5gp)
38Tutu (13)Velvet (gold)Tassles (+5gp)
39Vest (7)Wolfskin (gold)Tie-dyed (+4gp)
40Waistcoat (15)Wormskin (platinum)Wyrm-scales (+1,000gp)

(This may appear in Wormskin, at some point, along with similar tables for footwear, hats, accessories, etc.)


  1. This is a great lists. But one minor issue...

    What would one get if a 1 is rolled on any category?


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