Sunday, 11 December 2016

The Complete Illusionist: Work-in-Progress Spell List

Work on my next big project, The Complete Illusionist (which popped out of nowhere, quite unexpectedly), has been progressing rather well. I'm still in the stage of collating a lot of ideas for spells of different levels and trying to build up the spell lists. Adding to the base illusionist class in the Labyrinth Lord AEC, I've been doing OGL write-ups of the illusionist spells from AD&D Unearthed Arcana. I also have quite a number of interesting submissions from other people now, following my recent call out. All in all, it's looking like I should have a very nicely rounded out spell list in the final book.

Just out of interest, here are the lists so far. These only include spells which I actually have a full write-up of. I have lots more to write up and put in place. I also need to read through many of the submissions still and decide which fit.

1st level

  1. Auditory Illusion
  2. Color Spray
  3. Dancing Lights
  4. Darkness Globe
  5. Detect Illusion
  6. Detect Invisibility
  7. Doppelganger
  8. Hypnotism
  9. Light
  10. Phantasmal Force
  11. Refraction
  12. Wall of Vapor
  13. Glamour
  14. Invisibility, Lesser
  15. Lost and Found
  16. Script Codex
  17. Spook
  18. Discernment of Pyschic Location
  19. Evoke Nightmare
  20. Semblance of Wakefulness
  21. Sweet Dreams
  22. Wizard Mark
  23. Faerie Fire
  24. Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter
  25. Brilliant Pattern
  26. False Script
  27. Phantom Armour
  28. Silent Image
  29. Chromatic Orb
  30. Hush

2nd level

  1. Blindness
  2. Blur
  3. Deafness
  4. Detect Magic
  5. Fog Cloud
  6. Hypnotic Pattern
  7. Invisibility
  8. Magic Mouth
  9. Mirror Image
  10. Misdirection
  11. Phantasmal Force, Greater
  12. Ventriloquism
  13. Sound Codex
  14. Light Codex
  15. Somnambulism
  16. Vapours of Dream
  17. Imaginary Companion
  18. Whisper Thief
  19. Whispering Wind
  20. Darkvision
  21. Pyrotechnics
  22. Fool's gold 
  23. Fascinate
  24. Amnesia

3rd level

  1. Continual Light (reversible)
  2. Dispel Phantasm
  3. Fear
  4. Hallucinatory Terrain
  5. Illusory Script
  6. Invisibility 10' Radius
  7. Nondetection
  8. Paralyze
  9. Rope Trick
  10. Spectral Force
  11. Suggestion
  12. Full Codex
  13. Energy Reflection
  14. Dreamspell
  15. Black Light
  16. Semblance of Life
  17. Phantom Steed
  18. Doppelganger, Improved
  19. Wraithform
  20. Enthrall
  21. Lost
  22. Deadly Darkness

4th level

  1. Confusion
  2. Illusory Stamina
  3. Implant Emotion
  4. Invisibility, Greater
  5. Massmorph
  6. Minor Creation
  7. Phantasmal Killer
  8. Phantasmal Monsters
  9. Solid Fog
  10. Looking Glass
  11. Shared Dream
  12. Masque
  13. Illicit Dream Projection
  14. Lonely Road
  15. Menioth's Instant Light

5th level

  1. Confusion, Greater
  2. Major Creation
  3. Maze
  4. Phantasmal Door
  5. Phantasmal Monsters, Greater
  6. Project Image
  7. Shadow Evocation
  8. Summon Shadow
  9. Time Flow
  10. Hyperreal Awakening
  11. Many Worlds, Many Lives
  12. Phantom Summons
  13. Overlook
  14. Shadow Servitor
  15. Phantom Palanquin

6th level

  1. Conjure Animals
  2. Phantasmal Monsters, Advanced
  3. Shadow Evocation, Greater
  4. Spectral Force, Permanent
  5. Spectral Force, Programmed
  6. Suggestion, Mass
  7. True Seeing
  8. Veil
  9. Through the Looking Glass
  10. Curse of Sleeplessness
  11. Psychic Cache
  12. Persistent Dream

7th level

  1. Astral Spell
  2. Limited Wish
  3. Prismatic Spray
  4. Prismatic Wall
  5. Vision
  6. Phantasm of Forgetting
  7. Dreaming
  8. Spell Reflection
  9. Unreal 
  10. Phantasmal Resurrection
  11. Duo-Dimension
  12. Animated Artwork
  13. Simulacrum
  14. Doppelganger, Greater

8th level

  1. Prismatic Sphere
  2. Memorium
  3. Figment
  4. Illusory Abode
  5. Pathless Land
  6. Mirror Image, Advanced
  7. Prismatic Beam
  8. Black Clouds

9th level

  1. Alter Reality
  2. Dream Travel
  3. Weird
  4. Mists of Madness
  5. Upper Hand
  6. Viral Phantasm
  7. Doppelganger, True


  1. Fantastic! Really looking forward to this.

  2. You included Simulacrum, the only MU spell that I always thought was missing from the illusionist's list. And nice to see some of the Tomes from the original T&T make it.

    Are you using the LL write ups for the Creation spells or did you expand upon them 2e style? The former allow for a lot of weasling, I should know :)

    1. Yep, all the illusionist spells I've written over the years are included, e.g. the old tomes.

      That's interesting what you say about the creation spells. I'll have to check out the 2e versions.

  3. The Secrets of the Shadowend blog had a release on Illusionists, but it was for the S&W rules. I assume you have it for reference...

    1. Yep, I'm including some of Nathan's spells in my book, too :)

  4. I really can't wait to see this come to fruition for sure!! I have a couple of comments.

    I think level 6 spells is looking a little light. I could see some more of Nathan's spells in there (are there any OSRIC ones that aren't in here?

    Also, I think the name Menioth may fall under the Proper Names section in the front of Nathan's book concerning "Declaration of Open Game Content".

    1. Hi Robert, the book is still in the works. I'm hoping to have it finished around the latter part of this year, but I don't want to hurry it.

      Oh that's interesting about the name Menioth. I'll check that. Thanks for pointing that out!

      Re: the spell lists posted above, yes, as I said this is purely the spells that I currently have selected. There are many more to come :)

    2. I just happily purchased the revised Theorems & Thaumaturgy (Already had The Complete Vivimancer). Can't wait to see this one come to fruition!! Will be stalking ...errr... watching for updates in the blog/Google+



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