Sunday, 20 November 2016

New Illusionist Spell: Imaginary Companion

This spell popped into my head just after waking this morning. Illusionists have been on my mind a bit, recently, as I recently started collating all of the expanded illusionist material which I have -- some from the original Theorems & Thaumaturgy and some as-yet unpublished spells -- and discovered that I have a total of 48 new illusionist spells. I've always wanted to do a proper expanded illusionist class, so this might be the catalyst.

Imaginary Companion

Level: 2
Duration: Permanent
Range: 0
Casting Time: 8 hours
Cost: 100gp

Inhaling the smoke of a mixture of rare, psychoactive herbs (cost 100gp), the illusionist falls into a deep sleep lasting for 8 hours. During this slumber, the illusionist’s spirit wanders in distant regions of dream where denizens of the Dreamlands may be contacted. The illusionist experiences a dream of great vividity and significance, wherein he encounters a kindred spirit in the dream world and enters into a soul-binding pact with it. Upon waking, the presence of the dream spirit remains with the illusionist at all times. The illusionist can see and speak with the dream spirit as if it were physically present. The entity cannot, however, normally be perceived by others. Thus, depending on how openly the illusionist interacts with the dream spirit, others may be led to question his sanity.

Despite being normally imperceptible to others, the imaginary companion is, in fact, semi-real and should be treated as an NPC companion of the illusionist, present wherever he goes. It is able to interact with the physical world as follows:
  • The imaginary companion may freely interact with inanimate objects, having the force to carry up to 20lbs or drag up to 40lbs (equivalent to a STR rating of 3). Any who witness the companion interacting with objects may save versus spells. Failure indicates that the companion becomes faintly visible.
  • If directed to interact with a living creature, the target may save versus spells. If the save succeeds, the imaginary companion is not able to interact with the target. If the save fails, the target becomes faintly aware of the dream spirit and two-way interaction is possible.
  • Creatures which can see invisible and the like are always aware of an imaginary companion, though may save, as above, to prevent it from interacting with them.
  • The companion has an Armour Class of 7, 2d4 hit points, and an attack doing 1d3 damage. It may be damaged by non-living forces (fire, cold, crushing, etc) and by any living creature who is aware of it (see above).
  • It has a movement rate of 90’ (30’), either walking or flying up to 10’ above the ground. The companion may not move more than 90’ away from the illusionist. If forced to do so, it suffers 1d4 damage and disappears entirely, reappearing only after the illusionist gets a night’s sleep.

The nature of the soul-connection between the illusionist and the imaginary companion is such that the illusionist’s hit point maximum is increased by the number of hit points the companion has. However, if the companion dies, the illusionist instantly and permanently loses these additional hit points.

Many types of dream spirit may be summoned by this spell to become the illusionist’s imaginary companion. In the waking world, they are typically intelligent entities of human size or smaller with capricious, mischievous, or contrary personalities. The following chart provides some ideas, but many more creatures are possible.

  1. A small cat with swirling, yellow/purple eyes and violet fur.
  2. A transparent owl, apparently made of crystal.
  3. An opposite-sex replica of the caster.
  4. A miniature, creeping bear with human mouth and hands.
  5. A slender, albino child.
  6. A miniature, black wyvern.


  1. Actually Harvey would be a 9th level version of this considering what a pooka can do.

    Gavin- excellent spell. Might the illusionist spell collection be Wizardzine #2?

    1. It might be Wizardzine #3 :) (I have something else half written up for #2.) Or it might develop into a full Complete Illusionist. I'll see...


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