Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Weird nature spells

So I've started to work more seriously on my "nature mage" class (still looking for a better name than that!). I've decided that the class will indeed be going in my book of magic (also in need of a name!), so I have a lot of new spells to write for it. It has a foundation of spells shared with the AEC druid, and some shared with the standard magic-user (clone, for instance), but largely it's a completely new spell list, which is a pretty fun project!

Here are a couple of spells I came up with last night for the nature mage. They're both quite weird and witchy, and not the kind of spells that you'd end up using in a dungeon :) But they give a bit of a feeling for the flavour I'm going for with this class.

(By the way can anyone spot the cinematic inspiration for one of them? It's probably fairly obvious...)

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Level: 6
Duration: Permanent
Range: Touch

This spell provides a strange arcane means of bypassing the norms of sexual reproduction. The caster must first select the female who is to be impregnated and the male who is to be the sire. The pair must be of the same species, or of close enough species that they could normally reproduce. Neither of the pair need be willing participants in this spell, and no saving throw is allowed.

The spell must be cast twice – firstly on the male, and again (within one week) on the female. In both cases the spell takes the form of an hour-long ritual, during which the target must be within touch range of the caster. The ritual requires the use of rare herbs and ointments costing 500gp per casting.

Transfer Pregnancy
Level: 5
Duration: Permanent
Range: Touch

This sinister spell effects the transference of an unborn child from its mother to the womb of another female. Females of any species can be affected, and both the original and the receiving mother must be present as the wizard casts the spell. The casting requires an hour-long ritual, and the expenditure of 500gp of rare oils and incense.


  1. Yes, very weird. I don't know which films you've been watching, but the two I thought of were The Omen and Rosemary's Baby. Just out of interest, what sort of scenarios do you envision these spells being used in? It's got me thinking about some 3rd edition monster templates such as half-fiend, half-dragon and the like. There's also a half-troll and a half-fey template somewhere.

  2. Hey John, the films are good suggestions, but not what I was thinking of! Perhaps it shall remain a mystery ;)

    Regarding the situations in which one might use these spells, well, as I said they're clearly not the kind of thing that's going to pop up in every session! I guess they could be pivotal in political intrigue scenarios, where birth and inheritance are important.

    And that's a nice thought about the half-races, thanks! I think I'll add an addendum saying that if the baby is carried in the womb of a creature of another species then it may exhibit unusual traits.


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