Saturday 11 June 2011

Spell lists for con game

In preparing for the con game I'll be running next weekend, I've been going back and forth on the issue of whether to make pre-generated characters, or whether to get the players to roll their own. Obviously the former would make the intro far quicker, but I feel like random character generation is such a feature of old-school games it'd seem a shame to not let them roll those 3d6s!

So I want to come up with ways to minimize the lengthy parts of character creation, which are mainly buying equipment and choosing spells.

The first thing I've made is a selection of spell lists for potential magic-user characters to choose from. (See image, click to make much bigger!) As the PCs are all gonna be 4th level, I've just prepared three choices of memorized spells (two 1st level spells & two 2nd level spells), meaning that up to three players could be magic-users and have their own unique spell list. No choosing or leafing through books required! Also note that I'm using a house rule that magic-users get to memorize extra spells if they have high INT, these spells are also included on the lists.

A pretty neat solution, I think!


  1. Nice. I printed out the Oubliette magazine cards and gave them to my players.

  2. Good idea, you should maybe do the same thing with backpacks/adventuring gear and armour/weapon load outs.


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