Saturday, 22 January 2011

Elementalist spells 4

Here are a few more miscellaneous elementalist spells which have been clattering around in my mind. They're beginning to branch out into more obscure regions of magic, now that I've got the basic summoning spells worked out.

The spell list is looking pretty solid now (except at 8th level, which is still a bit thin), and I'd be happy to let someone use it in the game. Here's the updated list, including all the new spells I've created so far.

1st level
  1. Burning hands (MU)
  2. Create water (C)
  3. Feather fall (MU)
  4. Manipulate fire (MU)
  5. Purify water (D)
  6. Read magic (MU)
  7. Resist cold (C)
  8. Unseen servant (MU)
  9. Wall of vapor (I)
  10. Summon lesser elementine (new)
  11. Banish elementine (new)
  12. Firelight (new)
  13. Lasting breath (new)
  14. Seasong / windsong / firesong (new)
2nd level
  1. Fire trap (MU)
  2. Fog cloud (I)
  3. Heat metal (D)
  4. Produce flame (D)
  5. Pyrotechnics (MU)
  6. Resist fire (C)
  7. Summon greater elementine (new)
  8. Elemental cancellation (new)
  9. Tidal force (new)
3rd level
  1. Fireball (MU)
  2. Fly (MU)
  3. Gust of wind (MU)
  4. Protection from fire (D)
  5. Stone shape (D)
  6. Water breathing (MU)
  7. Banish elemental (new)
  8. Summon elemental I (new)
4th level
  1. Fire shield (MU)
  2. Flash fire (D)
  3. Ice storm (MU)
  4. Lower water (D)
  5. Move earth, lesser (MU)
  6. Temperature control (D)
  7. Wall of fire (MU)
  8. Wall of ice (MU)
  9. Summon elemental II (new)
  10. Contact elemental spirit (new)
5th level
  1. Atmosphere bubble (MU)
  2. Cone of cold (MU)
  3. Control winds (D)
  4. Distort distance (MU)
  5. Flame strike (C)
  6. Passwall (MU)
  7. Transmute rock to mud (MU)
  8. Wall of stone (MU)
  9. Summon elemental III (new)
  10. Command elemental I (new)
6th level
  1. Control weather (MU)
  2. Freezing sphere (MU)
  3. Part water (MU)
  4. Move earth (MU)
  5. Summon aerial servant (C)
  6. Command elemental II (new)
  7. Summon greater elemental kin (new)
7th level
  1. Control weather, greater (D)
  2. Earthquake (D)
  3. Fire storm (D)
  4. Statue (MU)
  5. Wind walk (C)
  6. Command elemental III (new)
8th level
  1. Incendiary cloud (MU)
  2. Amalgam of fire and water (new)
  3. Amalgam of earth and air (new)
9th level
  1. Meteor swarm (MU)
  2. Imprisonment (MU)
  3. Demand (new)
  4. Pact of brass (new)
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Amalgam of Earth and Air
Level: 8
Duration: 1 turn
Range: See below

With this powerful spell an elementalist can conjure a large quantity of a bizarre substance possessing the qualities of both earth and air. This amalgam can be formed into any shape the caster desires, and is of a volume up to 10 cubic feet per caster level. The caster has complete control over the amalgam for the spell's duration, being able to determine its properties from any of the following: solid or substanceless, heavy or weightless, breatheable or suffocating. The amalgam's form and properties can be altered incredibly quickly with a mere thought from the caster, and he is able to move it at will up to 60' per round. At the end of the spell's duration the amalgam disappears instantly.

Amalgam of Fire and Water
Level: 8
Duration: 1 turn
Range: See below

Similar to the spell amalgam of earth and air, this spell creates a like quantity of a substance which possesses the qualities of both fire and water. The properties which the amalgam can exhibit include any of the following: cold or hot, smothering or burning, falling or rising. The amalgam can cause up to 3d6 hit points damage per round to creatures inside its volume, due to extreme cold, heat or burning.

Contact Elemental Spirit
Level: 4
Duration: 1 turn
Range: 120'

This spell allows an elementalist to awaken the latent elemental spirits which inhabit natural features on the prime material plane such as lakes, rivers, great vistas, mountains and volcanoes. The summoned elemental is friendly to the caster, who is able to converse with it for the duration of the spell. The elemental cannot serve the caster in any way except to divulge information the caster desires to know which is within its feasible sphere of knowledge.

Seasong / Windsong / Firesong
Level: 1
Duration: 1 turn per level
Range: 30'

This spell weaves a subtle enchantment into the natural sounds of the sea, rivers, a fire or the wind. A source of such sound must already be present, the spell cannot artificially create or enhance it. The enchanted sound takes on a hypnotic song-like quality which can affect creatures in range in one of two possible ways (chosen by the caster upon casting the spell). Firstly the spell can be used to lull all creatures failing a saving throw versus spells into a state of drowsiness and unalertness. Alternatively the spell can be used to bring about a soothing and refreshing sleep in willing targets, allowing them to heal 1hp of damage after a full night's rest.

Summon Greater Elemental Kin
Level: 6
Duration: 1 turn per level
Range: 120'

This spell allows the caster to conjure forth a variety of creatures from the elemental planes. At 11th level the caster can choose to summon a djinni, sea serpent or xorn. At 13th level he may alternatively summon a flame salamander. At 15th level he may summon a frost salamander, and at 17th level an efreeti.

The summoned creature is bound to serve the caster unerringly for the duration.


  1. Thanks Carter! :)

    I'm looking forward to a player rolling an elementalist up to test all these spells out!

  2. Where is complete guide to elementalist, like you did for vivamancer?

    1. The finished version of the elementalist discussed in these posts was published in Theorems & Thaumaturgy ( I've done some work on a much more expanded version of the class, like the Complete Vivimancer, but it's only about a third finished.


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