Saturday, 30 April 2011

A to Z: Zoetrope

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Available to: Magic-users (chronomancers)
Level: 9
Duration: Permanent
Range: 10'

This powerful spell creates an area of space where time is warped so tightly that a single moment is repeated over and over for all eternity. The area affected is a cylinder 10' high and 10' in diameter. Any creatures or objects in this area when the spell is cast, or anything subsequently entering the area is caught in the time loop. From the outside, the time loop appears to be a spinning column of light, wherein can be seen, semi-transparent and phantom-like, the last few seconds of normal existence of everything trapped inside.

The zoetrope is an extremely powerful dweomer, and is unaffected by dispel magic. A wish is sufficient to release a single creature or object from its confines, but if magic ever existed which could undo this spell entirely, it is now lost.

The casting of this spell carries a certain risk to the chronomancer, who has a 10% chance of accidentally being sucked into the zoetrope and trapped.

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