Wednesday 1 July 2015

Theorems & Thaumaturgy Revised Edition (Maybe)

I've recently been contemplating getting a slightly revised edition of my free book Theorems & Thaumaturgy together. The original impetus for this idea was that I realised that the book's still not available in print on RPGNow -- just at lulu.

I'm not, at this stage, sure how far I'd go towards making this a proper "second edition" versus a bit of a spruce up versus a simple republishing. Nonetheless, here are some potential ideas:
  • A5 format.
  • Integrate any errata. (Is there any?)
  • Include guide to integrating specialist wizards in campaigns (see here).
  • Also mention the idea of running a campaign purely based around one or two alternative types of wizard, completely replacing the standard magic-user.
  • Specify the schools of all spells. (Transmutation, Divination, etc.)
  • Update the vivimancer and elementalist spells to match the "complete" books. (Some spells have changed level, for example.)
  • Consider adding a few more fey elf spells.
  • Add some more descriptive information on the tomes.
  • Add a few more magic items?
  • Remove monsters not related to summoning spells.

If anyone has any thoughts on this, I'd be very interested to hear them!


  1. Sounds cool, Gavin. Go for it.

  2. It sounds great to me!
    If there are any of my Open Gaming Content spells you need to fix your page count, let me know. I can send them to you in text format.

    1. List here:

    2. Thanks Tim! Good suggestion. I'll bear it in mind if (who am I kidding!) and when I get to look at this :)


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