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D&D 5: School of Elementalism

You devote your career to the volatile magic of the raw cardinal elements (air, earth, fire, and water), unravelling the secrets of the composition of the natural world and gaining power over planar beings made of pure elemental matter. Unlike the traditional schools of magic (described in the PHB), the school of elementalism studies magic of many different kinds, unified by the characteristics of the effect produced, rather than the magical means of operation.

Some elementalists become planar explorers, drawn towards the mysteries of the elemental planes and beyond. Others, who choose to remain on their home world in the prime plane, are valued (or feared) for their power over the forces of nature, becoming wardens, fearsome war-wizards, or explorers in harsh regions of the world.

Elemental Savant
Beginning when you select this school at 2nd level, the gold and time you must spend to copy an elemental spell (see list below) into your spellbook is halved.

Cardinal Transmutation
Starting at 2nd level when you choose this school, you gain the ability to transmute small quantities of pure elemental matter. For each 10 minutes you spend on the procedure, you can transmute 1 cubic foot of matter from one pure element -- air, fire, earth, or water -- to another. The transmutation is permanent.

Elemental Cancellation
Beginning at 6th level, when you cast a spell (such as counterspell or dispel magic) to nullify elemental magic, you weave the essence of the opposite element into the spell, increasing the effectiveness of the cancellation. You add your proficiency bonus to any ability checks required to cast the spell.

Elemental Summoner
At 10th level, you add the conjure elemental spell to your spellbook, if it is not there already. When you conjure an elemental using an elemental spell, you gain the following benefits:
  • The creature's hit point maximum is increased by an amount equal to your wizard level.
  • If you lose control of the elemental, you may make a DC 15 Charisma save. If the save succeeds, instead of running amok, the elemental returns to its plane of origin.

Elemental Fusion
Starting at 14th level, after a long rest, you are able to infuse your physical form with elemental force. You must choose which of the four cardinal elements to bond with, gaining advantage on saving throws against and resistance to damage from that element (spells, for example, or the attacks of elementals). This deep integration with an element also makes you vulnerable to damage from the opposite element (fire and water are opposed, air and earth are opposed) -- if you suffer damage from the opposed element, the damage increases by one point per die rolled.

When in this state of elemental fusion, your physical form bears obvious marks of the transformation. You may be surrounded with clouds of smoke, dust, or steam; your hair may blow wildly as if in a storm; your eyes may flicker with lightning or glow like magma; or your skin may become charred, brine-encrusted, or studded with crystals.

After a long rest, you may choose to return your body to its natural state -- an equal balance of the four elements.

Elemental Spells
Spells in italics are described in the Elemental Evil Players Companion.

Cantrips (0 Level)
Acid splash (conjuration)
Chill touch (necromancy)
Create bonfire (conjuration)
Control flames (transmutation)
Dancing lights (evocation)
Fire bolt (evocation)
Frostbite (evocation)
Gust (transmutation)
Light (evocation)
Magic stone (transmutation)
Message (transmutation)
Mold earth (transmutation)
Ray of frost (evocation)
Shape water (transmutation)
Thunderclap (evocation)

1st Level
Absorb elements (abjuration)
Burning hands (evocation)
Catapult (transmutation)
Faerie fire (evocation)
Feather fall (transmutation)
Fog cloud (conjuration)
Ice knife (conjuration)
Earth tremor (evocation)
Thunderwave (evocation)

2nd Level
Aganazzar’s scorcher (evocation)
Continual flame (evocation)
Dust devil (conjuration)
Earthbind (transmutation)

Flaming sphere (conjuration)
Gust of wind (evocation)
Maximilian’s earthen grasp (transmutation)
Melf's acid arrow (evocation)
Misty step (conjuration)
Pyrotechnics (transmutation)
Scorching ray (evocation)
Shatter (evocation)
Skywrite (transmutation, ritual)
Snilloc’s snowball swarm (evocation)

3rd Level
Erupting earth (transmutation)
Fireball (evocation)
Fly (transmutation)
Flame arrows (transmutation)
Gaseous form (transmutation)
Melf’s minute meteors (evocation)
Sleet storm (conjuration)
Stinking cloud (conjuration)
Tidal wave (conjuration)
Wall of sand (evocation)
Wall of water (evocation)

4th Level
Conjure minor elementals (conjuration)
Control water (transmutation)
Elemental bane (transmutation)
Fire shield (evocation)
Ice storm (evocation)
Stone shape (transmutation)
Stoneskin (transmutation)
Storm sphere (evocation)
Vitriolic sphere (evocation)

Wall of fire (evocation)
Watery sphere (conjuration)

5th Level
Cloudkill (conjuration)
Cone of cold (evocation)
Conjure elemental (conjuration)
Contact other plane (divination)
Control winds (transmutation)
Immolation (evocation)
Maelstrom (evocation)
Passwall (transmutation)
Planar binding (abjuration)
Transmute rock (transmutation)
Wall of stone (evocation)

6th Level
Bones of the earth (transmutation)
Disintegrate (transmutation)
Flesh to stone (transmutation)
Investiture of flame (transmutation)
Investiture of ice (transmutation)
Investiture of stone (transmutation)
Investiture of wind (transmutation)
Move earth (transmutation)
Otiluke's freezing sphere (evocation)
Sunbeam (evocation)
Wall of ice (evocation)

7th Level
Delayed blast fireball (evocation)
Plane shift (conjuration)
Reverse gravity (transmutation)
Whirlwind (evocation)

8th Level
Abi-Dalzim’s horrid wilting (necromancy)
Control weather (transmutation)
Incendiary cloud (conjuration)
Sunburst (evocation)

9th Level
Gate (conjuration)
Meteor swarm (evocation)

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