Monday 6 July 2015

Psychedelic Compounds for D&D 5

Some reworkings of old Labyrinth Lord material for D&D 5.

Certain psychoactive substances favoured by adventurers have a highly addictive nature. Each time you consume such a compound, you must make a WIS save in order to resist increasing dependency. The difficulty of the save depends on the compound.

There are three levels of addiction, each with more severe side-effects than the last. When you fail a save against addiction, your addiction level for that drug increases one step.

Addiction levels:
  1. After the dose wears off, for the next week, you must make another addiction save whenever an opportunity to purchase and use the drug presents itself. Failure indicates that you are unable to resist.
  2. You must use the drug once a week or suffer disadvantage on DEX and WIS checks.
  3. You must use the drug once per day or suffer disadvantage on all ability checks and attack rolls.

Memory Dust
Cost: 75gp
Duration: Until next long rest.
Addiction difficulty: 11
Appearance: Scintillating, rainbow-hued dust of the finest grain.
Usage: Snorted or swallowed. (The more elevated mage mixes the dust into fine spirits or absinthe, for leisurely consumption.)
Effects: You can prepare one additional wizard spell. Additionally, once during the period of the drug's effect, after casting a wizard spell you may spend an action to attempt to retain the expended spell slot. This requires an INT save (difficulty 10 + the level of the slot). If you fail, you are stunned until your next turn.
Side-effects: A natural 1 when making the WIS save versus addiction indicates that your tolerance for the memory dust has increased. Henceforth, you need to consume one extra dose to gain an effect. (The required dosage may continue to increase, if multiple saves come up 1.)

Salts of Vitesse
Cost: 50gp
Duration: Until next long rest.
Addiction difficulty: 14
Appearance: Gritty, crystalline powder of alchemical manufacture.
Usage: Snorted or swallowed.
Effects: +2 DEX, +2 INT. Additional +1 bonus to initiative.
Side-effects: -1 CON until you rest for a full week.

(To be continued...)

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