Wednesday, 22 April 2015


2nd level, Range: 30', Duration: 1d6 turns

This spell causes the instantaneous conjuration of 1d4 trained monkeys per three experience levels of the enchanter. The monkeys are obedient, if rambunctious, and may appear dressed in whatever livery the caster desires (typically that of minstrels, jesters, or valets). They have 1d3 hit points, an armour class of 7, a movement rate of 12, and a morale of 7.

In addition to its costume, each monkey is conjured with an item in its paws, which it is trained to use. The enchanter may choose: musical instruments, common tools (hammers, spades, saws, etc), or weapons (small ornate cudgels, spears or lances).

If commanded to attack, the monkeys inflict 1d2 damage with claws and biting (one attack per round) or 1d4 damage with weapons.

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