Saturday, 4 April 2015

Doorman Hex

2nd level, Range: 10', Duration: Special

Uttered beside a doorway, this hex has two possible uses:

1. It may cause a single doorman or guard to grant the wizard passage through the portal. A wizard of higher level may beguile multiple wardens: one additional guard per level beyond 5th. Magical or enchanted guardians may also be beguiled, but may save versus spells to resist. Afterwards, the guards have no memory of the wizard's passage.

2. It may summon into being one or more doormen to protect an unguarded portal. At low level, a single servant is summoned, but their number increases as follows: 5th level: 1d4, 8th level: 1d6, 11th level: 2d4, 13th level: 2d6. The doormen are normal men, dressed in smart livery (with advance planning, the wizard may choose the exact design), and armed with ornamental spears (usable in combat, but -1 to hit). The wardens will guard the door to the best of their ability, allowing or denying access according to the wizard's instructions. They are wholly loyal in this task but will, if asked, freely tell their master's name to any who enquire. It is impossible to command the doormen to perform any other task, and they cannot move more than 10' distant from the portal they protect. When the duration (1 hour) expires, the doormen vanish.

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