Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Ix: Seasons

The environmental cycles in the deserts of Ix do not follow the typical patterns of seasonal variation which are found in the various climes of Earth.

The Season of Winds
The beginning of the Ixian year. For three lunar cycles, the airs of the world are turbulent and violent.

1. Hot, blasting wind
2. Raging, spiralling wind
3. Dust storm
4. Sand storm
5. Descending wind, great heat
6. Special environmental condition

The Season of Bones
For three long lunar cycles, the sun intensifies, as if in an attempt to raze the surface of the world. Water recedes deep underground, leaving the earth parched and barren as bone. In this season, much life perishes.

Water consumption requirements increase by 25%.

1. Scorching heat
2. Withering wind
3. High pressure
4. Deathly still
5. Relentless hot dust
6. Special environmental condition

The Season of Dreams
Before the year's end, the hazy violet moon has cosmological dominance for two cycles, ushering a time of wantonness, willfulness, madness, and the concrescence of dreams.

1. Mirage winds
2. Murky skies, like muddy waters
3. Shadowy haze
4. Howling winds
5. Radiant light
6. Special environmental condition

The Season of Flowers
This season, regarded as the ending of the year, sees the desert winds placated and the fierce heat of the sun soothed. In this short season of two moons, flowering plants bloom, bringing a vibrant gaiety to the desert. (Of course, not all of these blossoms are as benevolent as they appear.)

Water consumption requirements reduced by 25%.

1. Cool breeze
2. Still, warm air
3. Hazy heat
4. Lazy whirlwinds
5. Billowing dust
6. Special environmental condition

(More details on the lunar cycle of Ix and the noted special environmental conditions to come in future posts.)

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