Sunday, 14 October 2012

Theorems & Thaumaturgy -- The Final Touches

It's very oh so nearly finished! I've been storming through the layout over the past couple of weeks, and have now finished all but one section of the book. That means I only have 5 pages of layout left to do -- a matter of a few hours' work at the rate I've been going.

So from there all I need to do is the back cover blurb, which I'm struggling with a bit, to be honest! I'm sure I'll work something out though.

Those last little bits completed, I'll be uploading it to lulu, and ordering a test printing for myself. Wow, I cannot wait to see it in the flesh at last! I plan to use it in my upcoming dreamlands campaign...

All going well, I anticipate that the book should be available for public consumption, as a free PDF or a not-for-profit book, within the next month. (I'm hoping for the end of October, but that somewhat depends on how quick the shipping of my test printing is...)

As a last minute bonus, I've added an extra appendix with example lists of memorized spells for each type of magic-user, for characters ranging from 1st to 10th level. Need a fully "stocked" 8th level illusionist in a pinch? Well, look no further.

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