Saturday, 20 October 2012

249 new spells

249 new spells!

(Shame there wasn't one more, making it a nice round number! ;)

Accelerated Healing, Accelerated Immune System, Accelerated Metabolism, Alter Reality, Amalgam of Earth and Air, Amalgam of Fire and Water, Animate Puppet, Animate Puppet, Mass, Animate Statue, Arcane Mark, Artificial Intelligence, Ascend, Attach Rope, Banish Elemental, Banish Elementine, Bind Spirit, Bond Bane, Brimstone Monolith, Cannibalize, Channel, Charm Spell, Charm Undead, Chimera I, Chimera II, Chimera III, Choke, Command Construct, Command Dead, Command Elemental I, Command Elemental II, Command Elemental III, Command Rope, Command Spell, Command Undead, Conducting Skein, Conducting Web, Conjure Rope, Contact Elemental Spirit, Contact Other Plane, Contact Spirit, Control Ooze, Corpse Visage, Curse of Undeath, Death Geas, Death Recall, Demand, Detach / Graft, Detect Disease, Detect Poison, Detect Undead, Devolution, Dimension Door, Greater, Dimension Leap, Dimensional Simplicity, Dimensional Ward, Disappear, Divide Body, Divide Mind, Dream Travel, Dreaming, Drone, Dweomerlight, Dying Words, Edibility, Egg of Life, Elemental Cancellation, Elemental Gate, Elemental Plane Protection, Elemental Plane Protection, 10' Radius, Elemental Portal, Elemental Portal, Greater, Elemental Wrath, Explosive Growth, Exterminate, Extinction, Extraordinary Regeneration, Fastness, Figment, Firelight, Flesh Blast, Full Codex, Fungal Growth, Gaseous Form, Gelatinous Transformation, Genesis, Ghoul Touch, Glamour, Grapple, Grease, Guardian Spirit, Hapless Fool, Haunting, Hibernate, Hide, Hive Mind, Hive Sight, Illusory Abode, Immunity to Disease, Immunity to Poison, Impregnate, Incinerate / Uncinerate, Inhabit Figurine, Instant Memorization I, Instant Memorization II, Inter, Invisibility, Lesser, Invisibility, Limited, Knowledge of Life, Lasting Breath, Lend Strength or Fortitude, Lich Touch, Life Cycle, Life Energy Protection, Light Codex, Locate Remains, Lost & Found, Marionette, Mass Devolution, Mass Mutation, Meld Elemental, Memorium, Mists of Madness, Mnemonic Obfuscation, Mummy Touch, Mutate, Natural Weaponry, Natural Weaponry, Improved, Organ Transference, Organ Transference, Greater, Pact of Brass, Parasitic Implantation, Pass Undead, Pathless Land, Phantasm of Forgetting, Phantasm of the Laughing Gnome, Plant Metabolism, Plant Symbiosis, Polyvorousness, Portent of Doom, Pre-emptive Strike, Preserve Dead, Prismatic Beam, Raise Dead, Lesser, Ray of Fire / Cold, Ray of Pain, Read Magic, Read Magic, Read Magic, Read Magic, Reassemble, Regeneration, Regeneration, Greater, Regenerative Pupation, Reinstate Spirit, Relentless Binding, Replicate Lifeform, Reptilian Metabolism, Resist Turning, Revert Shapechange, Rope Like Steel, Rope Walk, Rope Ward, Rotational Acceleration, Sacrificial Resurrection, Script Codex, Seal Tomb, Seasong / Windsong / Firesong, Shadow Touch, Shapes, Skein, Skeletal Army, Skeletal Servitor, Skin Transformation, Skull Sight, Skull Speech, Slapstick Fun!, Slime Blast, Solid Fog, Sound Codex, Spectral Hand, Spell Door, Spell Reading, Sphere of Annihilation, Spider Skein, Spook, Spore Blast, Spore Cloud, Spying Sigil, Staunch Blood Flow, Steal Life Force, Steal Spell, Strengthen Rope, Summon Demon, Summon Dimensional Horror, Summon Elemental Horror, Summon Elemental I, Summon Elemental II, Summon Elemental III, Summon Elementine, Summon Familiar, Summon Fey Kin, Summon Greater Elemental Kin, Summon Greater Elementine, Summon Swarm, Summon Undead I, Summon Undead II, Summon Undead III, Summon Undead IV, Summon Undead V, Summon Undead VI, Summon Undead VII, Survival of the Fittest, Swarm Transformation, Symbiotic Familiar, Symbol, Teleport, Tessellate, Tidal Force, Time Flow, Transfer Pregnancy, Transformative Pupation, Trigger, Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter, Undead Regeneration, Undo, Unhallow, Upper Hand, Vacuum, Valiance in Death, Vampiric Enslavement, Vats of Creation, Venom, Venomous Blood, Viral Phantasm, Virus, Vitality Surge, Voodoo Doll, Wall of Gloom, Web of Arachne, Web Walk, Weird, Xenogamy, Yeast Growth, Zoetrope, Zombie Servitor, Zone of Creeping Terror, Zone of Death, Zone of Sinister Stillness, Zone of Weakness

These are the spells contained in Theorems & Thaumaturgy.

I've got my test copy on order with lulu now, so it's only a matter of a few weeks until it'll be publicly available.

(ps. if anyone wonders, the 4 times read magic is because the spell appears in the list of 4 classes in the book...)

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  1. I've been looking forward to this release VERY MUCH. The previews have all been very inspiring and I can't wait to place all that creative goodness before my players. Well done and thanks Gavin. :-)


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