Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Premium AD&D vs D&D3.5 Books

Amazon just kindly informed me of the release of the Premium D&D 3.5 Player's Handbook.

First thing I noticed: that's quite cheap.

Second thing I noticed: hang on, the cover's the same as the original! They (in my mind somewhat controversially) reprinted the AD&D books with new covers, so I would have assumed the 3.5 re-releases would get the same treatment. But no -- they already sport the regulation fake leather tome effect, which is apparently now a requisite feature of all D&D books. Pah.

Edit: though, thanks to Brendan, I now realise that they actually are revamped covers. They're just not as radically reworked as the AD&D reprints were.

On the topic of D&D 3*, I had a funny turn some weeks back where I thought "maybe D&D 3 (not 3.5) has some old-school charm now", haha. After 5 minutes and reading my first class description I realised that this is a fallacy.


  1. I thought the 3.5 reprints look quite nice, certainly much better than the fake jewels of the originals. They don't look like fake leather to me, but I was not abe to feel them directly as they were shrink wrapped when I saw them. Here is a picture from a store:

  2. Oh hey Brendan, you're right they are different to the originals. I didn't look closely enough. Shows how much I know about D&D 3.5, haha.


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