Sunday, 6 November 2011

The devil is in the details - Many Fey, Some Fey

Some time ago I created (and posted) a set of tables of random racial characteristics for Dwarrow and Ratfolk characters in my campaign. Following last week's PC massacre, there have been some new character being rolled up. Among them are two Fey (not coincidentally, as the party was decimated by ghouls, and Fey are immune to their paralysis!). So this morning I came up with similar tables for Fey (including a few entries from the original Elf "Devil is in the details" article in Fight on!).

Many Fey
  1. Have an unusual number of fingers (roll 1d6 + 2, re-rolling if you end up with four!).
  2. Have hair which animates or changes colour depending on their mood.
  3. Lie as a matter of course.
  4. Are 90% resistant to sleep and charm person.
  5. Guard their true name with their lives.
  6. Have the attention span of a gnat.
  7. Feel a great affinity to one type of animal.
  8. Love games of chance.
  9. Apparently sprang into existence fully formed, having no memory of a childhood or family.
  10. Have an irrational hatred of one specific thing (gnomes, horses, moonlight, etc), and fly into a rage when encountering it.
  11. Love all forms of art, especially pieces which other races would regard as incomprehensibly convoluted.
  12. Find humans and dwarrow endlessly boring.
  13. Are terrified of spirits and undead.
  14. Refuse to have anything to do with cosmic powers, including acceptance of cleric spells being cast upon them.
  15. Only have a 1 in 6 chance of needing to sleep each night.
  16. Carry an array of small charms to protect against all manner of things.
  17. Have a 30% chance of reflecting sleep or charm person back onto the caster.
  18. Are prone to addiction, and start play with a penchant for: 1. alil, 2. fine spirits, 3. yellow powder, 4. exotic pipe-weed.
  19. Have silver, gold, or violet hair.
  20. Suffer from fits of insanity (10% chance per day, lasting one day, roll on the table in the DMG p.83).
  21. Can detect subtle psychic impressions in objects, getting a feeling of the appearance and mood of the last person who touched the object.
  22. Actually physically disappear when they sleep, vanishing to a dream dimension.
  23. Have an imaginary friend (though of course they claim it is real) with whom they converse.
  24. Find water distasteful and will only drink wine or fruit juices.
  25. Can generate minor electrical shocks.
  26. Have eyes of an unusual colour (violet, pure white, silver, etc).
  27. Are able to cast a single 1st level spell once per day, selected from the list of fey sorcerer spells.
  28. Have a deep love and respect for the ancient line of fey nobility.
  29. Find humour in almost anything, even at totally inappropriate moments.
  30. Are deeply superstitious, having a long list of things which are supposed to bring good or bad luck.

Some Fey
  1. Have a sadistic bent.
  2. Have almost no concept of self-preservation, making them completely reckless.
  3. Speak to themselves in a private language which only they understand.
  4. Will not die from ageing.
  5. Insist on things (people, items, plans, etc) being assigned numerical values.
  6. Harbour the desire to mate with a being of another (perhaps unusual) race.
  7. Have detailed memories of a past life (possibly as another race).
  8. Are incredibly avaricious, but only seek wealth of a very particular kind (emeralds, pearls, platinum, gold rings, etc).
  9. Are completely hedonistic and do not care a whit for the future.
  10. Prefer to not enter the fey dimension, for reasons of their own.
  11. Have a habit of pronouncing personal names backwards, and will not reveal the reason for this.
  12. Both fear and desire to know the deep places below the earth.
  13. Value logic and rationality over all else.
  14. Breed new animals in pursuit of a singular vision.
  15. Can detect the influence of cosmic powers, as a cleric. If successful, become terrified, enraged or sick (equal chance).
  16. Find books and writing to be delightful curiosities.
  17. Have a twin which resulted from a spontaneous division. The two twins' personalities are usually radically at odds.
  18. Refuse to use a personal name of any kind.
  19. Shower friends with gifts.
  20. Will only dress in a specific colour.
  21. Study an ancient spiritual text which is written entirely in indecipherable code which generations of fey have failed to crack.
  22. Have star-shaped pupils. The number of points on the star is deemed auspicious.
  23. Are fascinated by light, and will spend long hours gazing into prisms or beams of sunlight.
  24. Are strange and silent.
  25. Study a complex system of astrology which can only be applied in retrospect.
  26. Are unaffected by all but the most extreme changes in temperature and weather.
  27. Trace their ancestry to another world.
  28. Are haunted by animals of a certain species, which they believe are spies.
  29. Cannot conceal their emotions.
  30. Will swiftly die if imprisoned.

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