Friday, 26 August 2011

The devil is in the details – Some Dwarrow, Some Rat-People

Continuing on from the other day's post about "Many Dwarrow, Many Rat-People", here's the remainder of the characteristics of those races. Each PC exhibits one of these.

Some Dwarrow
  1. Are completely hairless.
  2. Carve hideous statues in honour of the gods of the fathomless darkness of the earth.
  3. Are sickened by acts of kindness.
  4. Are loyal and courageous to the point of foolhardiness.
  5. Find the feel of cloth unpleasant, preferring to always wear metal.
  6. Are wider than they are tall.
  7. View Law and consistency as the most important virtues, even unto death.
  8. Have a twisted sadistic streak, and make excellent torturers.
  9. Spend one month of each year in a state of deep slumber.
  10. Have more than one father.
  11. Have replaced all their teeth with metal replicas.
  12. Pity and try to guide other races, who are weak-willed and lacking in purpose.
  13. View the giving and receiving of gifts as ultimately debasing.
  14. Have the patience of a rock.
  15. Become students of history, coveting scriptures and records from ancient times.
  16. Have seen awful things in the deeps of the earth, which they are at once terrified of and lust after.
  17. Are sterile and unable to reproduce.
  18. Apparently do not age.
  19. Live by an odd conception of time, often mixing up past and future.
  20. Have no imagination.
  21. Can detect subtle vibrations in stone, warning them of approaching or recently passed creatures.
  22. Are members of a rebellious sect which proposes tenets such as “kindness”, “equality” and “generosity”.
  23. Spend their whole lives preparing an elaborate crypt for themselves and their descendants
  24. Play a droning, melancholic music on horns and pipes.
  25. Secretly plot treason against their kin with the hope of becoming a great ruler.
  26. Have one true purpose in their lives, which was determined at birth.
  27. Keep their soul in a rock.
  28. Feel no kinship with their own people, becoming wanderers looking for a home.
  29. Are terrified of magic and those who use it.
  30. Will gladly die defending their home and people.
Some Rat-People
  1. Have a spiteful malicious streak.
  2. Intermittently experience pre-cognitive dreams.
  3. Speak in rhyme and riddle.
  4. Can grip small items with their tail.
  5. Have sinister red eyes.
  6. Are incredibly impatient.
  7. Can use their sense of smell to follow recent tracks.
  8. Suffer from a hunger which is never sated, and risk become obese.
  9. Refuse to eat the flesh of domesticated animals.
  10. Believe in reincarnation and that all talk of an “afterlife” is a deadly spiritual trap.
  11. Will only wear clothing of a specific favoured colour.
  12. Memorize elaborate family histories.
  13. Dream of sailing to unknown lands.
  14. Find sunlight distasteful.
  15. Never forget a face.
  16. Follow a mysterious spiritual path of renunciation of material wealth.
  17. Are captivated by the moon, often spending long hours gazing at it.
  18. Feel an irresistible urge to delve into the deeps of the earth.
  19. Are experts on gourmet food and fine wines.
  20. Become infuriated at the sight of waste and decadence.
  21. Find the touch of stone unpleasant, preferring the warmth of earth or wood.
  22. Have beautiful silver fur.
  23. Can live to be over 200 years old.
  24. Are equally at home creeping on all fours as they are standing upright.
  25. Have a lust for gems and silver which rivals that of the Dwarrow.
  26. Can grip with their feet.
  27. Are of the opinion that a cosy home is the highest achievement in life.
  28. Experience a waxing and waning between extremes of personality.
  29. Are so excitable that they can rarely sit still or sleep.
  30. Give personal names to inanimate objects.

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