Sunday 30 October 2011

Playing AD&D!

I'm very excited, as a friend here in Berlin is starting up an AD&D (1st edition) campaign! We're starting tomorrow evening with character generation. (I'm hoping for an illusionist.)

The really cool thing for me is that, though I've owned copies of all the AD&D 1e books for years, I've actually never played it! I've played loads of basic D&D (Mentzer / Labyrinth Lord), and loads of AD&D 2e, but never the Gygaxian masterpiece.

Very much looking forward to it. Maybe I'll post my character when he's made :)


  1. Awesome. It is the reason I play to this day.

    And remember, common sense and a fairness in adjudication are the only 2 rules you have to remember.

    And throw in a side of Thief with that Illusionist if you don't mind running a Gnome for an excellent Multi-Class (and your DM allows it :)

    And even though I write it backwards from the book Ranger/Clerics make for awesome characters as well :)

  2. Yeah a gnome Illusionist / Thief must be cool... Thief is the other class I take a liking to, apart from magic-users. Ah and I just saw the unlimited level advancement as thieves... very nice! I tend to prefer human PCs though, so we'll see...

  3. Excellent! Enjoy the game! I, too, am a fan of human PCs.

  4. Have fun! It's the granddaddy of them all!


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