Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Deepingdale's adventuring logs 2

Campaign logs written by Steve, Deepingdale's player.

Company Members
Slippy, 3rd Lvl Ratman - Founding Member
Venser, 3rd Lvl Human Thief
Cagliostro, 2nd Lvl Human Necromancer
Hjalhir, 3rd Lvl Human Wizard
Blade, 1st Lvl Human Cleric of Hegg, God of Blades
Deepingdale, 1st Lvl Dwarrow Fighter

Session 2 (10/08/11)
We returned back to the dungeon, minus Stig (where is he!) after a short stay in Dregg, there followed a wild day of combat and although we managed to find the long lost legendary magic sword, the cost of this adventure was perhaps nearly too high for me.  Clearly my new companions are either more experienced and able or just lucky, as I nearly succumbed to wounds of which, one was almost fatal, a touch from an undead warrior seemed to drain the very life blood from my body.   Due to quick thinking and action, I was saved by the Necromancer who cast a return from deaths door spell, I am in his debt and grateful to both he and the Cleric of Hegg for saving and healing me.

The Wizard also needs mentioning, as he enabled our save withdrawal as he fired a lighting bolt from his wand and fried the last two Wights who were pursuing us.

Where is Stig, perhaps his presence would have resulted in a better experience.  I now know why Uncle Nori insisted on him joining me.  I must write to Nori and let him know of his disappearance, it is most inconvenient, Nori will not be happy.

Large 5' Poisonous Snakes (Nearly died from snake bite and energy drain from Wight)
Wights x 4 (Saved by the Necromancers return from deaths door spell.)

Found the Azure Serpent Long Sword (+1 of Water Breathing)

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