Tuesday 25 October 2011

It lives!

Alex & I have been on a frenzy of creativity, and the result is the shiny new Old-school Monster Wiki!

So far all the monsters from Labyrinth Lord + the AEC are in there, all tagged up by creature type.

All it needs now is:
  • More monsters! Get in there and add your crazy home-brew monstrosities! (Alex is looking into how to import more monsters from various tomes automatically...)
  • More tags! Get in there and get tagging... wilderness environments especially needed at the moment.
  • Spread the word :)


  1. Completely OGl, including descriptive text, is Carjacked Seraphim's Monstrous Manual of Malign Malefactors. Only A thru C posted in pdf thus far, but a great resource for the wiki's development:

  2. Ah yeah of course! Thanks for the reminder! Bat's monsters would be amazing to get in there as well...


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