Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Elementalist spells 5

Continuing my work on an elementalist class for Labyrinth Lord, a couple more low-level elementalist spells just sprang unbidden into my mind, so here they are, hot off the mental press. The first is the semi-obligatory 'fairly decent damaging spell for 1st level casters', which I've been wondering about for a while (as elementalists don't have access to the magic-user's favourite, magic missile).

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Ray of Fire / Cold
Level: 1
Duration: 1 round, +1 round per 3 levels
Range: 40'

A jet of flame or icy cold shoots from the caster's fingertip, causing 1d8 hit points damage to a single target in range if a successful attack roll is made. The ray may be used to attack once per round for the spell's duration, and can be targetted against a new opponent each round.

The caster must choose which effect to create (fire or cold) when memorizing the spell.

Level: 1
Duration: See below
Range: 20'

This spell gives the caster the ability to form patterns and shapes in a chosen elemental substance within range. Typically this spell is used to create forms in the motion of flames, the flow of water or the spiralling of smoke, but it can also be used to inscribe patterns in soft earth or dust. The forms created have no magical effect, but may be used to entertain or frighten on-lookers, or perhaps to pass messages.

The spell's effect lasts as long as the caster maintains concentration and performs no other actions.

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