Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Confederacy of Harln-Halladan - players' map

Using the powers of my newly acquired multi-function laser printer / scanner, I've just created this players' map of the mini area that my Labyrinth Lord games have been taking place in. It was originally a hand drawn map, which I scanned and then added the text and so on. I also removed a lot of features from the map, including everything inside the magical forest, as these are areas the player characters have no idea about -- the intention being that they can fill in the blanks as they explore.

The map covers all the places mentioned in the few basic rumours the PC's have heard about the region, which I posted previously.


  1. Nice clean map, one of the best I've seen for a long time.

  2. Very nice, crisp map. Well done.

  3. Hey, thanks guys! I'm pleased with the end result, and the most important thing is that I've found a good working process: 1. hand draw the bulk of the map, including the squiggly lined bits like roads, rivers, forests, etc (I somehow find drawing those kind of things with a mouse far too fiddly and labourious), 2. scan the map, 3. vectorise it (for nice crisp lines, without pixelisation), 4. add text.


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