Monday 20 June 2016

Wormskin Issue Three: Coming Soon!

I put the finishing touches to the text for issue three of Wormskin yesterday. Here's what we have in store:

  • Of Men, Goats, and Fairies in Dolmenwood -- Gavin Norman, Greg Gorgonmilk. An overview of the history of Dolmenwood and the interactions of its various factions over the centuries.
  • Languages of Dolmenwood -- Gavin Norman. Details on the most common languages spoken (or written) in the forest.
  • The Summer Stones and the Witching Ring -- Gavin Norman. An article describing the unusual, ring-shaped ley line Chell, in the west of the forest. Its origin, powers, and purpose are revealed.
  • The Woods East of Lake Longmere -- Gavin Norman, Greg Gorgonmilk. Seven hexes at the heart of the wood.
  • The Ruined Abbey of St Clewd, Level One: Surface Ruins -- Gavin Norman, Yves Geens. The first level of a dungeon central to the history of Dolmenwood.
  • Monsters of the Wood (gloam, mogglewomp, scrabey, scrycke) -- Gavin Norman, Yves Geens. More woodland beasties.
This issue features some delightful black & white illustrations from Sean Poppe​, some B&W and full colour pieces by Andrew Walter​, and Greg Gorgonmilk​'s wonderful graphical work.

It's in layout now. Keep 'em peeled.

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