Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Island

As is typical, while I have dozens of other things on the go, a completely new idea bubbles to the top of my mind. This time it was conjured by thinking about running a one-shot next month when an old roleplaying compadre is back in town. The ideas I had for the one-shot expanded rapidly into something more elaborate and now here I am with a mini campaign.

Another aspect is that I've been getting the urge for a while to run something in a more heroic / high fantasy vein, as opposed to my usual default, which ends up being a sort of amoral, gonzo-ish, murder-hobo style.

So the ideas I have so far are:
  • The campaign is set on a single, isolated island amid a great ocean. The people of the island consider themselves part of a kingdom -- their folklore tells that they were once part of chain of many islands -- but no sign of these other islands and no word from their notional king have come for many generations.
  • The one-shot / start of the campaign may thus involve some sort of whispering of the past or the world beyond the shores of the island.
  • The people of the island worship a pantheon of four elemental gods. Their priests are not standard clerics, but cast specialised elemental spells. (This is a chance for me to try out the half-written material I have for the Complete Elementalist.)
  • The PCs will play the role of protectors or advisors of their community, defending it against whatever peril emerges to threaten their peace. Not to say it won't necessarily be without twists, but a moral imperative is built into the campaign.
  • The island would be a small hex crawl: a few days' travel from one side to the other.
  • Apart from a few vague images, that's all I'm going from, so far. I'm not sure if it'll end up coming to anything, but I'll post more info, if I develop the idea further.
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