Saturday, 23 April 2016

New Vivimancer Magic Item: Liquid Flesh

In a spare moment, I took a look at the file I have for the revised edition of Theorems & Thaumaturgy. I was surprised to see just how close it is to being finished! I just need to add a couple more magic items (I want to include a nice round eight items per class) and that's basically it for the text.

To that end, here's a new vivimancer item I just came up with. It's nice to get back to thoughts of bio-sorcery :)

Liquid Flesh
A slippery, semi-transparent gel-like substance of lurid, red-violet hue. When applied to damaged skin or flesh, the gel begins to bind itself with the wound, fizzing and releasing a pinkish smoke. Over the course of one minute, the liquid flesh integrates with the subject's own flesh, repairing 2d6 hit points of physical damage. Liquid flesh is not effective at curing diseases, although it may be used as a remedy for disease-symptoms which cause damage or irritation to the skin.

Each application of this substance carries a 1 in 6 chance of resulting in an unsightly cluster of purple nodules at the site where it was applied. There is also a 1 in 30 chance of the gel infiltrating the subject's nervous system, with side-effects determined by a roll of 1d4: 1. a loss of 1d3 points of INT, 2. a major change of personality (e.g. a randomly determined alignment change), 3. a major emotional reversal – becoming either highly logical or irrational, 4.  an overpowering desire to serve beings of an otherworldly race or culture (as determined by the Labyrinth Lord).

Liquid flesh is typically found in glass jars containing 1d6 doses.


  1. I like it. Thanks Gavin! This is going onto a treasure list.

    I think I might reduce the amount of rolling though by tying the side effects to the 2d6 hp roll. If the result is 7hp, then they'll get the purple nodules (known effect, Cure Disease spell to remove). If the result is 12hp, then they'll get the personality changes (and a secret note from the DM about it). That keeps the percentages near the same, and helps me keep the fast and furious game pace that I prefer.

    1. Ooh excellent idea Nick! I'll include your suggestion in the final version. Thanks!


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