Sunday 20 March 2016

Wormskin Issue 2 PDF: On Sale Now!

Behold! For it is come.

Issue 2 of the world's most popular Dolmenwood zine. Its 46 dewy-moist pages feature:
  • An introduction to the High Wold, the south-westerly corner of Dolmenwood.
  • Descriptions of the seven hexes clustered around the village of Lankshorn.
  • Details of the most signifcant people and places in Lankshorn, including: the Hornstoat's Rest inn, the fairy-blooded bladesmith, the Man of Gold Apothecary, the Church of St Pastery.
  • Tavern fare generator.
  • Psychedelic compounds generator, including details on buying, selling, and manufacturing.
  • Seven new monsters: addercorn thralls, barrowbogeys, bog zombies, longhorn goatmen, shorthorn goatmen, nightworms, witch-owls.
Get it here!

(PDF only for the moment. The print version should be ready to go next week.)

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