Saturday, 21 February 2015

From the Vats: Illustrations Needed!

The layout of From the Vats is basically finished now, and I can now see that there are some gaps which would be perfect for filling with some visual bio-gore. There are a couple of medium-large slots, which would be best filled with illustrations related to the content on the page:
  1. A sahuagin adventuring party, exploring the submerged lair of an insane vivimancer. [TAKEN]
  2. A golem constructed from the corpses of stillbirths. [TAKEN]
  3. A crown composed of the fused neural fibres of several heads.
  4. A depraved blend of human & arachnid (cenarch).

Then there are also a bunch of smaller, horizontal spaces which could be filled with any kind of small details: organs, blood vessels, slime-ridden webbing, egg sacs, or any other weird biological illustrations.

Then of course there's the cover. A big blank space of A5 waiting for a cool idea! (I'm very much open to proposals on this one, as I don't have anything specific in mind yet.)

Anyone up for it? This is a non-profit project, so no money's involved, just the pleasure of collaborating with other creative minds and producing something fun.

Send me a message on google+ or via email (see right) if you're interested, and I'll give you more details about the exact dimensions of the spaces and longer descriptions of the things to be illustrated.

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